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Connectivity issues from USA

Started by Sami, January 22, 2011, 07:29:13 PM


It has come to our attention that there are connection problems (packet loss) for some of our users located in USA. However some users of the same region remain unaffected. The problems have been the very slow response times or pages not loading propely occasionally.

The connection problems are not located at our servers nor at our service provider but somewhere in the links/routings between our service provider and some American providers. There's nothing we can do about it presently unfortunately. But our ISP has been informed of this if there is a solution for it. In any case these problems do not usually last more than a day or two.

After investigatons it seems that most likely the link problems lie in the network of "TeliaSonera", and in the connections that relay the traffic between us and North America. Our site is not the only one affected but there are hundreds (or thousands) of others too.


Sami, the issue is from Australia too.  I've spent the last ten minutes trying to log into Dawn of the Millenium and I can't.  Took me four trys just to post this!



Colombia South America, same problem. Last night I couldn't get anything to load. Today it loads but really really slow.


I have the same issue, both from home using my DSL connection (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and from work where I get connected through a dedicated internet link from Verizon which goes to the USA (international link ending up in Miami)...

Right now (as the last couple of days) both the game and the forum are almost unsuable.  :(


Yeah I can VPN tunnel to Europe or Asia and no problem. But normal connection from South America or USA and it doesn't work. Right now the pages wouldn't load at all. But with VPN to Frankfurt, no problem.


Is there a way to route around this problem?


I am in the USA Florida and its been working better since last night :)


It looks like things are back to normal.. from the US


We've installed a backup redirection to our site in case there are similar problems in the future.

Instead of you can use It simply basically routes to us via different server and in some cases this may help getting a good line to us. Note that the www2 service is highly experimental; for example in-game route maps do not work from www2 yet and neither does the forum (goes to www instead), https is not supported either. But it is intended only as a backup.