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Air Travel Boom game world opened

Started by Sami, April 29, 2010, 12:02:59 PM


Since the previous game world at AirwaySim has been full another new game world has been opened today. Our long time players may remember the Air Travel Boom game from the days of AirwaySim's release 1,5 years ago. This new scenario carries the same name as those first game worlds and is roughly similar in settings and theme too.

This game world starts in 1998 and continues to the end of 2020. Fuel prices are custom / random in this game world but some world evens like 9/11 and the recent economy problems are modeled in the passenger demand system. The new multiple hub / base feature is also available in this game world as it uses the latest v.1.2 game engine.

> Game Area


Note: Extreme-F5-hitting gets you the first airline in the new scenario and every aircraft you want.

Hint: Next time use an old keyboard, this will avoid crashing a 70€ Logitech G15.


Hint: Being the first in a game world doesn't give you any advantage.  ;)


Hey, I can tell my children sometimes "I went bankrupt after three month.... BUT I WAS THE FIRST!!!111", so I think it's very important  ;D


Curse, how did you get that signature by the way? I'd be interested in one for ATB myself



Quote from: swiftus27 on April 29, 2010, 01:11:03 PM
Im watching the JA exodus begin.

I'm sticking around despite the two huge airlines at ATL. I finally have something good going on a relatively small-scale and I enjoy playing with different circumstances. Not every game can have all of the modern planes that we love. I realized in this version as others have as well that you need something with C-class to start to get some money going and then you can focus on expansion. I joined almost an hour and a half after this game started and there are plenty of planes available. I am stunned though at the number of slots  :). For example at ATL in 1987 there are 49/hour but in 1998 there are 78/hour. I see that Sami tinkered with the slots for US airports so this must explain the jump. This is going to make it really interesting as airlines will probably oversupply routes and when the demand comes crashing down after 9/11 combined with fuel issues it will be fun to see who survives.