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Author Topic: New game world: The Early Days (test)  (Read 1285 times)

Offline Sami

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New game world: The Early Days (test)
« on: January 23, 2010, 09:15:05 PM »
A new game world has been just opened for testing purposes. The Early Days scenario is created as a bonus world and as an 'open beta' type of scenario to test the game engine in early game years (1950s).

Since the simulation of the early post-war years hasn't been ever tested with AirwaySim yet this scenario is classified as test world (thus it has been not announced separately before it started like regular game worlds). Also the price policy of this world is different - 5 Credits to complete the whole scenario that lasts for approximately 3 weeks. Scenario is also rather short, 4 game years; as this is only a test game world.

The game world scenario is standard in terms of passenger demand, inflation model and fuel prices. Airports are limited to only size 4 & 5 class airports (large and very large), and world area is limited to North America, Europe and Asia (about total of 450 airports).

Please note that some airports that are supposed to be still under construction during that era are open in the game as all airports do not have proper opening dates in the database - if you find these please post a bug report. Also some of the aircraft models for the era are not available (such as Comet and Lockheed Constellation) due to their data not being in the database yet.

If you wish to join this game world please note that you should be prepared to report any inconsistencies found and otherwise give also general feedback of the game world's functionality via our forum. We do not force anyone to send feedback but we highly appreciate it. Joining the world is not recommended if you are a beginner to AirwaySim.

All economy figures and other variables should be scaled down properly to match the early year but all feedback is appreciated. After the feedback and impressions of this test scenario improvements can be made so that further historical scenarios can be run in the future.

>> Game area - The Early Days

p.s. please do not leave another game worlds in favor of this one as this is still only a testing scenario and occasional problems may occur that need restarting or other "big" actions.

p.s. #2. The first turn is half of the regular, 12h instead of 24h, to get it going faster..
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Offline DutchBlond

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Re: New game world: The Early Days (test)
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2010, 11:54:32 PM »
Hi Guys.

- The map of my routes is displaying  one that i am not flying...south of Malaysia.
- Game seems very hard to start with bankrupts already. Few of us can make more than 1-2 decent planes with a capacity to make profit, carrying small numbers, & with such little ranges (most 150-250 Miles only!)
- Very limited aircraft to start, but also few with little capacity. Some have 30 seats, & no opp for business or premium class at all. Be better with some capability of configurations. U can get new aircraft, but some of the larger capacity ones on the used market would be a better start.

hope this helps...


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