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Started by cashacasha, September 05, 2008, 03:41:06 AM


Does anybody know any good livery creators?


Hi guys,

I'm new to the game and was wondering if someone could design a livery (and if possible a logo) for my airline.
For those interested, here are the details:
Airline: Trans American (styled as "Transamerican")
Aircraft type: Dash 8Q400, 717-200, MD90, 757-300, 777 -200 and -300 (whatever inspires you most)
Colours: red and white, if you want to add another feel free but I'd prefer something not too flashy (avoid purple, lime green, etc., more like a grey or a navy blue), keep it clean ;)
That's it, if someone out there has the time and will I'd greatly appreciate it!  :)


One more that I made for COMPASS (just saving it here for my purposes.)


Hi CarlBagot!

If you have the sparetime maybe you can do something for me aswell? I'm thinking Lockheed Tristar and a wavy Swedish flag on the Tail?

Regards Simon


Hi Guys,

Would someone be willing to work their awesome magic and create me a really cool livery for Travel Air? I attached a basic idea of what i had in mind, you can choose the font and other artistic elements to add, I would like a black plane with the words "Travel Air" fading from red to yellow, the initials  "TA" on the tail and engine.  Thank you very much for the help, all the best! ;D]


one more of mine :)




I took a stab at Travel Air too...


Quote from: Robert on October 03, 2015, 06:45:34 AM
I took a stab at Travel Air too...
Thank you! The designs I saw were all nice, I will be using yours! ;D




Hi all master craftsman,

I've been playing airwaysim for a while now, but i've never successfully created my own livery. (i suck at photoshop, cant seem to layer them well)
Could anybody please help me with designing a livery for "Jubilee Airlines" on an A330/A350?
My colors are blue and white like airwaysim's color, but if you have a better idea please go ahead!

Any help will be very much appreciated! Thank you!  :laugh:


Hi All,

I'm new to the game, haven't got a clue about livery/logo design! Would someone be able to help with either/both?

My airline is called GlamJet based in the UK with B777 and A321 aircraft. If you can help at all,I'd really appreciate it.


Greetings logo and livery sharks :-)!

If anyone is feeling up to making a QuickWings livery and/or logo i'd be so grateful :-).

I'm really into ANZ and the Qantas style liverys.

Anything will be more than appreciated though :)


I quickly made a livery for my airline, as I am getting really attached to this game  :-[  ;D There is still a lot of fine editing to be made, but what do you think about it? Does anybody have higher resolution pds templates to work with, as the ones provided by the game are a bit poor for quality photoshop editing. Thanks  :)