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Author Topic: Updates to our Terms of Service  (Read 1450 times)

Offline Sami

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Updates to our Terms of Service
« on: August 27, 2009, 05:27:50 PM »
Dear members,

We have updated our Terms of Service a bit by adding a short chapter about "etiquette of playing".

The main message is that you must always remember that this is still basically a game and people are here to have fun. So we at the administration expect everyone to behave in that manner too when communicating with other members (either by public or private messages thru our forums). In other words - you are naturally free to manage your airline in the way you like and employ the best tactics you have learned but always keep in mind that you must be friendly to other members if sending messages to them.

In case any violations occur please report them to the administration, there is a 'Report To Admin' button next to each public and/or private forum message.

Link to the terms, chapter 'Game world specific rules' is added:

Offline Sami

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    • AirwaySim - Are you the next Richard Branson?
Re: Updates to our Terms of Service
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2009, 06:53:14 PM »
I believe it is again time to make a friendly but firm reminder of this request posted in previous message. And to set forth some new instructions.

 * Users are required to behave in a friendly manner towards other members.

 * This includes all communications between members at this site. Public messages posted to forums, private messages, and any other user-created content.

 * The administration does not allow any bullying, threatening or similar bad behaviour. This includes personal attacks and also "in-game behaviour".

 * In other words - you are not allowed to post messages or PMs to other users stating / advising / threatening (even how friendly you may be) to leave some airport, close some route, or relocate to some other airport (and perhaps even telling that if they fail to do so your airline would "heavily attack" the other one). This is not allowed and not tolerated.

 * Also any coordinated "attacks" by alliances, or by a similar group of airlines, to prevent some airline from operating or to deliberately push some airline out of the simulation are not allowed. Competition is generally free in the sim but any clearly unfair competition measures such as flying routes with huge overcapacity and with very low prices and deliberately targeting many/all routes of a single airline are considered unfair competition, especially if the "target" is a new / small airline. Actions in such cases are decided case-by-case by the administration but in most cases no action is required as the difference between fair and unfair competition is not clear. But in case there are clear violations the users are urged to report these via PM.

 * After all AirwaySim is still a game and people are using it because they like it and are having fun. Don't spoil it.

 * In case you see any of these violations please report them to the administration, with full details.

 * As the end comment I have to state that the issues mentioned here are only rare cases but we are committed in making AWS enjoyable and we are taking necessary measures and actions to prevent possible conflicts (that are always bound to happen when people interact).

Thank you for reading.
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