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Terms of Service

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions. Your purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

General terms
User account
Intellectual property rights
Anti-cheat policy
Game Credits
Refund policy
Referral program
Forum usage
Game World specific rules

General terms

Costs of using the Service

Creating an user account to the AirwaySim Service can be made free of charge. Each user is also allowed to participate in a free demo game without any cost for up to 7 days. To join the full games player must buy a sufficient amount of Credits to be able to join the game. Prices of the Credits are visible at the Credits Store.

No warranty

AirwaySim does its best to maintain a high level of Service uptime with minimal disruptions. However AirwaySim cannot guarantee that the Service will always function without disruptions. Due to the complex nature of Internet the disruptions may also be beyond of AirwaySim's web servers and out of control for us. AirwaySim is thus not liable for any disruptions or delays in the delivery of the Service.

Only for personal use

The software is available only for personal use. For separate licenses for example on educational or other public purposes please contact us.

System requirements

No separate software installations are required. AirwaySim is played via a web browser. Any regular modern browser software is sufficient for usage with no requirements for any add-ons or other installations.

User account

One account per person

Each user is only allowed to have one user account in the AirwaySim Service. If you have forgotten your username or password then please use the password reminder or contact us. Do NOT register for another account. Users creating multiple accounts will be banned without warning and their access to the games/website is denied.

Username and Password

In order to use AirwaySim you will be given an username and password upon registration. This information is only for your personal use and you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and username. You remain responsible and liable of all actions conducted through your user account even if it occurs withour your permission. Any attempts to gain access to user accounts that do not belong to you will lead to permanent suspension of your access to the website.


You agree to immediately notify AirwaySim in case of any suspected unauthorized or fraudelent use of your user account. AirwaySim is not liable for any damages resulting from the unauthorized use of your user account.

Required information

When registering for an user account to the Service you are required to enter a valid e-mail address and your place of residence (country). This information, and other optional profile settings, can be later adjusted from My Account pages.

No resale

User is not allowed to sell or transfer his account, any part of the AirwaySim Service or any Credits on his account to any third party.


You agree to indemnify and hold AirwaySim and it's associates harmless against all third-party claims, actions, proceedings and costs, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees, incurred by AirwaySim arising out of or relating to your violation of the Terms of Service, applicable law or rights of any third parties and/or the misuse of the AirwaySim Services.

Inactive accounts

The administration closes inactive user accounts on regular intervals. Accounts that have been inactive (no logins / usage) for over 300 days are subject to closure (a separate warning e-mail is sent before the account closes). Any game Credits remaining on these accounts are lost if the account is closed due to inactivity.

If your account is inactive for a longer period of time while you are playing in the AirwaySim Game Worlds you may be automatically removed from the Game Worlds (a reminder e-mail is sent before the removal happens).

Account sharing

All user accounts are for individual private use only. It is forbidden to share your account login information (username/password) to any third party. Each user account must be used only by a single person at all times. Exception to this is the holiday deputy scheme explained in the game rules.

Accounts from same location

Our systems monitor user account activity to prevent fraudelent usage of multiple user accounts. If there are many players using the same computer / location / internet connection the administration should be notified first. Detection of multiple accounts from same location combined with certain play patterns may lead to ban of the accounts without warning (account access can be restored after contacting us).


User is able to close down his account at any given time. The administration has also the full right to terminate an user account if these Terms or AirwaySim Game World Rules (viewable in the Manual) are violated.

Intellectual property rights


All intellectual property rights regarding the AirwaySim Service, including but not limited to the website, software and related data and documentation developed and/or owned by AirwaySim shall be and shall remain the sole property of AirwaySim. Providing or publishing of AirwaySim's Services does not imply any transfer of intellectual property rights.

Any data or documentation developed by third party and then transferred by mutual agreement to be part of AirwaySim Service and/or AirwaySim Game Worlds shall remain the property of AirwaySim.

Any data (such as messages and attachment images) posted to the public forums of AirwaySim shall remain the property of each individual user. By posting to the forums AirwaySim is given indefinite rights to store and display this data as part of the AirwaySim Service.

Trademarks and brands

All aircraft manufacturer names, aircraft model names, airport names and other similar trademarks or brands are used in this website only for illustrational purposes and they remain the property of their respective owners.


You will only obtain a non-exclusive and non-transferable right for the use of the AirwaySim Service. You commit yourself to adhere strictly to any conditions laid down in these Terms of Service.


Privacy policy

Our privacy policy can be viewed here.

Anti-cheat policy

Game play terms

The detailed rules for playing the simulation can be found in the game manual.

Monitoring and reporting

To prevent cheating and unfair use, the simulation logs all major game play actions from all players into a database which is monitored by the administration. Users are also urged to report any suspectable playing patterns to the administration for a closer review.

Software errors

We acknowledge that all software may have flaws in it. The administration will attempt to clear all bugs and other issues from the software as soon as practicable but some items may go unnoticed. In case user discovers a bug in the software he is urged to report it to administration immediately. Major bug discoveries will be rewarded.

Zero tolerance

If there are some bugs that are not known yet, or any other non-intended program functions, it may be theoretically possible to use the AirwaySim games in a non-acceptable method or otherwise gain an unfair advantage. Any such activity is strictly forbidden and will lead to suspension of the user account.

Warnings and penalties for misconduct inside the simulation games can be found in the game manual, however the administration has always the final authority to decide the appropriate actions case-by-case.

Programmed aids

The use of any third-party programs/software to access the game interface or functions is forbidden, excluding regular web browser softwares. AirwaySim may only be used with a standard web browser and using any additional software, browser extension, script or similar solution to access the game interface or analyze or store any data presented in it is forbidden.

Game Credits


AirwaySim Game Credits are needed to participate in the AirwaySim Game Worlds. The website also offers a free demo game mode that does not require Credits; but demo can be played only for 7 days per player. Each Game World requires a certain amount of Credits to join and/or to play - please see the game area and manual for more details. Credits can be purchased using major credit cards or PayPal. Prices and packages are available from My Account pages after registration/login.


The Credits can be used at the AirwaySim site for membership subscriptions to different AirwaySim Game Worlds. The Game Worlds are usually billed on weekly basis as long as you remain a member of that Game World - please see the details of each Game World when you join it. The subscription fee (usually 1 Credit per week) is billed automatically as long as you have subscribed (joined) to that particular Game World. You may leave each Game World at any given time without additional fees.


Credits on user accounts do not expire. However inactive user accounts are subject to closure by the administration if they have been inactive for more than 300 days. Any Credits on these accounts are lost if the account is closed due to inactivity.


Credits can not be transferred to another user account.


There are no payment or delivery fees added to your account or to your purchases. The sums shown on Credit purchase pages are the full and final sums.

Refund policy

Limited refund

AirwaySim is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods in the form of usage rights to AirwaySim software. AirwaySim also offers a free demo version of the Service that you are allowed to use before purchase (subject to availability). You can request a refund for unused Credits remaining in your AirwaySim user account no later than 30 days after the purchase of the Credits. Refunds after 30 days from the date of purchase are not possible.

Used Credits

Credits that have been used to join a AirwaySim Game Worlds, or used to purchase any other online service from our website, cannot be refunded as that equals a confirmed purchase of our software. Only the Credit balance remaining on your account is eligible for refund.

Submitting refund request

All refund requests must be submitted to AirwaySim in writing by using the contact form available at the website. Refund requests carried out through other means shall not be eligible for a refund. AirwaySim reserves the right to deny repetitive refund requests.

Refund payment

All refunds shall be paid through the original payment method used by the customer. All refunds will be addressed to the person that deposited the Credit initially. Please allow 2-4 days to process the refund request. Minimum amount that can be refunded is the sum equivalent to 5 AirwaySim Credits. Partial refunds (amount less than the original order) shall be calculated based on the current price list.


All refunds shall be processed according to these terms. If the user initiates a chargeback (return of funds, forcibly initiated by the user via his bank/card company) the user account in question is subject to closure without notice.

Other policies

No refunds shall be given for Credits that are not purchased by the customer directly from AirwaySim (e.g. free Credits allocated from testing or developing the Service, competitions, prizes, referral bonuses, or other special credit coupons). AirwaySim may deny refund requests if the user account has been used against these Terms (such as cheating or other non-allowed activity).

Forum usage

Access to forums

When registering to AirwaySim you will also gain access to our forums with the same user account. The forums are created to provide game play related support and to allow users to easily communicate with each others. Using the forums is free of charge.

Forum etiquette

All posts made to AirwaySim Forums must be of good taste. Forum messages violating someone's privacy or being sexually orientated, abusive, threatening or in violation of any law will not be tolerated. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Do not post any information you know to be false or otherwise inaccurate.

Forum profile and signatures

Each user is solely responsible of the content displayed in their user profile. This information must be accurate and truthful. Same guidelines apply to user profile as to normal forum posts. Forum signatures may not exceed 600x120 pixels in size and may not contain animated images.

Moderation policy

AirwaySim has appointed forum administrators and/or moderators who have the full authority to move/edit/remove any post made in the forums if they see it is necessary. If you find something that in your mind does not fit in our discussion area or is in violation with these rules, please use the 'Report to moderator' function to alert us. Please do not try to act as a moderator on your own.


AirwaySim cannot be held responsible of the contents of this discussion forum, and thus we do not warrant the accuracy of information provided there. All the messages represent the sole opinions of each individual author. Our moderators do their best making sure the discussions follow our rules but every individual user is solely responsible for his posts and behaviour.

Failure to follow forum guidelines

If user does not comply with the forum guidelines the administration has the right to issue warnings, and also bans that limit or completely disallow the usage of the forums and/or the whole website. Decision of necessary actions will be done case-by-case by the administration.

Advertising policy

Any form of advertising is prohibited in AirwaySim forum posts, signatures and personal messages (excluding posts made by AirwaySim's administration). Advertising or mass-posting of any kind via forum private message system is forbidden and will lead to instant removal of the account of the poster. This advertising policy includes also posting of any referral codes or other such schemes.

Game World specific rules

Game rules

The rules regarding AirwaySim Game Worlds can be found from the Game Manual. You must be logged in to view this page.


User account and billing support

In case of problems with your account, registration, payments or other things, please contact us directly. We reply to support requests within 3 business days.

Gameplay support

Support in gameplay issues is available at our forums.

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