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Author Topic: High and Low Filter Ranges - Any Screen with Columns, For Example Used Aircraft  (Read 227 times)


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Truly all screens that have filters which may sensibly accommodate a range on any column of data provided, ought to.  Further, that range ought to be flexible in increments vs fixed.

Specific example is the Used Aircraft.

Ranges could be inputted by user for low and high end range, to accommodate a particular set of routes they are looking to cover.  Similarly, passengers can be filtered with a low and high pass level for the same reasons.  

Today, the increments are fixed in range and passenger, yet the aircraft do not cleanly fit those filters.  Today the result is that one must select one side of the filter then manually ignore the ones that don't fit their other criteria.

Price is not a filter, but ought to be added as one, as well, for similar reasons.

While the example here is Used Aircraft, this is meant to cover all screens with several columns that can sensibly have filters that work similarly...I don't think we need to specify every single screen and column that exists where this is possible, as the programming logic ought to be similar in each case and there are many screens and columns that this makes sense for.

I believe some of this is captured in two other posts, one of which has been okayed as a,45896.0.html,28520.msg266771.html#msg266771
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