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Favorite airline

Started by knutm1980, April 21, 2012, 03:42:09 AM


Q: What is your favorite airline of all time?
Believe it or not, I'd have to say Allegiant.  They are innovators in that they can offer rock bottom fares to leisure travelers that no one else can touch.  It is definitely no frills, but I am more than happy to pay a few extra dollars for value-added services versus flying with a legacy carrier and paying out the nose for non-value added services I don't want.  Charging extra for those services also ensures that they are available.  Many people don't pay extra for the seats with extra legroom because it isn't value-added.  For someone who is tall like myself, it is value-added so I am more than happy to pay a little extra for the service because I get bang for my buck.  I've flown them probably 8 flights now with 3 of them being this year.  I flew from Knoxville (KTYS) to Las Vegas (KLAS) on a B757-200 for $80 each way and I flew one-way from Greenville-Spartanburg (KGSP) to Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) for $90 to go on a trans-Atlantic cruise earlier this year.

Q: When did you start flying?
1988.  My first flight was when I was 4 years old on a Delta 747-400 from Cincinnati (KCVG) to Washington DC (don't remember if it was Dulles or Reagan) to visit the grandparents.  This was back in the day when you got free decks of cards, drinks, snacks, etc. and it was amazing.  I remember it rather vividly.

Q: When were you born

Q: What is your least favorite airline
American Eagle.  My mom has been married a few times and 2 of my stepfathers worked for the airline--one of them American, the other Comair (Delta), so we flew for free on standby most of my childhood.  Living in Cincinnati, we had Delta's 2nd largest hub until the Great Recession so we always flew out of Cincinnati non-stop.  However, when we flew on American we had to connect in O'Hare or DFW, which meant we had to take 20-30 seat Jetscreams a couple hours to get to American's hub, which was on American Eagle--no flight attendants, no bathrooms, and a bumpy ride.


Quote from: Troxartas86 on June 30, 2012, 03:06:05 AM
Q1. My favorite airline to fly was always Continental. Even as everyone else in America started going to low cost models, nickle and diming passengers however they could, Continental still seemed to believe in classic service. I think they were the last to ever offer me something resembling a complimentary meal. I flew my first post-merger flight with United a couple of months ago. Something was definitely missing but it was still a good experience, especially considering that someone was in my seat so I got to sit in "premium economy" instead right across from the door. Had to buy it but the snack box was still better than anything the budget carriers offer.

Continental was great, my sister worked for them.  So, my parents and I always flew standby for very cheap or free 8)

Quote from: Troxartas86 on June 30, 2012, 03:06:05 AM

Q4. US Airways. I don't mind the planes, I don't mind the crews (one guy actually gave a hilarious apology over the gate intercom before boarding once about how if the plane was full of trash, we should blame the disembarking passengers from the city they just flew in from) and I'm fine with the amenities such as they are. However, their customer service in a crisis will leave them forever on my black list. They let hundreds of passengers fly from Tampa to Philadelphia without informing them that their connecting flights were most likely already cancelled at the other end. About three agents were left to deal with all of us and it took about three hours on line before I was able to even attempt to speak with one of them. (in the mean time I watched rats crawling around in the open under the waiting area seats but that's on the filthy airport, not the airline) All they were giving anyone was $10 vouchers for dinner and breakfast, keeping in mind that it was late at night so most places to get dinner were already closed. I lucked out and managed to get a sandwich right before the doors closed.

Yeah, PHL really needs to update their airport, very dated and worn


Q: What is your favorite airline of all time?
TAA (Trans Australian Airlines)
Until recently we only had 2 choices for Domestic travel within Australia - TAA Govt owned & Ansett ANA privately owned, and one carrier being Qantas for International travel

Q: When did you start flying?
1976 - Royal Australian Airforce Hercules

Q: When were you born
TAA were taking ownership of brand new Boeing 727-100 and Douglas DC-9 aircraft

Q: What is your least favorite airline
Royal Australian Airforce (Hercules)
Seats are worse than HD - slung hammock style seats
No inflight entertainment
Ni inflight service
No Cabin Crew except for a grumpy old Flight Sergeant
And you had to carry your own weapon :-)

And this is even though I had a few flights on the famed "Gooney Bird'


Q: What is your favorite airline of all time?
Cathay Pacific... Finnair... oneworld in general maybe  :P

Q: When did you start flying?
Middle 90's, Finnair DC-10 to India or Dominican Republic, can't remember

Q:When were you born
Middle 90's  :P

Q: What is your least favorite airline
Dont really have one, but if I have to say something, I'd say Finnair's leisure flights with 227pax B757-200  :P


1) Cathay Pacific, Only downside with CX is their prices are outrages especially compared to airlines such as Emirates. I would live of CX food if I could! The only airline I have experienced where I would always order more food, wether in business or economy.
2)Got a picture of me as a baby sitting in the cockpit :D
3) 89
4) KLM or Qantas... hate them so much im undecided which is worst... I'd rather take my chances long haul on jet2 then either of those two airlines!

I have also tried the following airlines:

-Air france: great food, crap service.
-emirates: Didn't live up to expectation
-Singapore: Inconvenient except for travelling to and from Singapore based on my personal experience.
-BA: sigh?
-Japan Airlines: Lack of excitement.
-Thai: Cabin interrior looked and felt old on my few flights with them.
-Thai orient: Only good thing was low LF!
-Dragonair: great to hop around asia, not a large destination choice
-Lux Air: Only had 4 flights with them, nothing exceptional
-Jet2: Cattle class feels like luxary compared to EZ and Ryan...
-Kenyan airlines: First time I had actually feared for my safety on a flight!
-Air Laos: First time on a turbo prop, fun experienced, transfered to Thai on return leg due to their only aircraft in fleet broken down.... which happened on the outgoing leg!
-Flybe: Cant complain but cant praise.
-Qantas: All flights to my chosen destination full for months apart from Qantas, I even looked at flying to Europe (from Hong Kong) to then fly to Australia on a seperate airline... On arrival I changed my return leg to another Airline before collecting my luggage!! (That was 2nd flight with them, first one was what put me off in the first place!)
-KLM: Only flew them because my AF flight was cancelled due to snow, was put in a 5 star hotel and quickest way back was with KLM, I felt so ripped off after paying the AF price that I managed to claim my money back! (Pre-AF/KLM merger)

Emirates could have easily been my favourite but I think the dissapointement was the fact that its so well spoken of that you end up with an unrealistic expectation and
it leaves you disappointed.... Had I not chosen Emirates for what people have said about them, im sure they would be very close contenders to CX.


Q: Scandinavian Airlines
Q: 1981
Q: 1981
Q: Norwegian


1)Emirates Airlines
4)Air Canada


Q: What is your favorite airline of all time?

Singapore airlines, economy seats are supurb and service is 2nd to none IMO.

Q: When did you start flying?

1979 on Air Rhodesian 707

Q:When were you born


Q: What is your least favorite airline

The now defunct cattle truck service offered by Brittania, 4.5hrs of hell from Bournemouth to Cyprus


 :o :o This brings back memories........LOL

FAVORITE AIRLINE: AERLINGUS They have lovely flight attendants and pilots and they always speak a little Irish! Im fluent in irish but its nice to hear people speak it :)


MY LEAST FAVORITE AIRLINE: ONURAIR. My family and I were coming back from an amazing holiday in athens. Upon takeoff the "Safety Lights" to help illuminate the cabin in an emergency fell off the roof. Smoke started rising BETWEEN the triple/double glazed windows. And to top it all off my fruit that I got to nibble on had FUNGUS yes thats right FUNGUS on it!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:   I am scarred for life.....


Quote from: Aerlingus1916 on November 04, 2012, 09:22:51 AM
FAVORITE AIRLINE: AERLINGUS They have lovely flight attendants and pilots and they always speak a little Irish! Im fluent in irish but its nice to hear people speak it :)

I flew from Rome to Dublin to JFK to Charlotte earlier this year.  Rome to Dublin to JFK was Aer Lingus and the flight attendants were gorgeous and all dolled up.  I joked with my wife that I thought I needed one of them to help me with my seatbelt :)  It was like old school 1950's flight attendants when flying was a luxury.  Even the 60 year old flight attendant was tastefully put together.  From JFK to Charlotte I flew on jetBlue and our flight attendant was a frumpy overweight woman wearing a sweater and slacks.  I think our flight attendants in the US hate flying as much as the passengers do.  I hear people in Ireland think Aer Lingus is overpriced and expensive though.  I know they are no RyanAir, but I flew from Rome to JFK for less than $500 booking several months ahead.


Hahaha thats great to here that people are flying with them! ;D

Yes I do also love ryanair I got a flight from Dublin to Rome for 20euros only!! There CEO micheal O Leary should be president for Ireland!

Aerlingus is 5 times as expensive as an average ryanair ticket but they offer a luxury service :)