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Pilot Training

Started by Pilot Oatmeal, March 08, 2011, 09:33:05 PM


Have you had a look at Western Australia college of aviation, in Perth? Got a friend who's going to join them next year: the price is somewhere in between USA and Europe, but I heard lot of good things about that school. And We have pilots of Malaysia Airline here in Adelaide learning to fly for some kind of "apprentice/ab initio pilot" program...


I will be looking for a pilot position after few months. If somebody would ask me if I would recommend starting a commercial pilot training, the answer is definitely no. Only if I could recommend that to my self three years ago.

The flying part is still ok, now if somebody would actually pay me for doing it, it would be far better. Even better if I would be paid every month, then I could actually leave my current occupation.


For you to get hours you will need to fly signs around, it appears.  You almost have to become a CFI to get your time in.



I briefly looked into this in the UK (eyesight has probably buggered up my chances :( ) and I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that training for a commercial pilot licence counts as lifelong learning or development or some other HR name but by doing that the government will give you loans similar to the student loans.

It might not be true but I'm sure I saw it somewhere.