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Started by cashacasha, September 05, 2008, 03:41:06 AM


What program are you using jamboy? I'm having trouble with text using gimp.


Hey please could someone make me a logo for STORM AIR as i cant do it myself. If possible to have a modern writing in a silver background hope this is possible tks in advance.


Quote from: blair21088 on March 21, 2009, 04:21:03 PM
What program are you using jamboy? I'm having trouble with text using gimp.
try Paint.NET, that's what i use.


Haven't firgured out how to do silver :-[. Then again I havent figured out much on this program.

[attachment deleted by admin]


For Gerfalcon Safal.....

[attachment deleted by admin]


I would to ask for help with a livery, but is it possible for anyone to let me know how to go about making it.  I would like to try first.

A/C  777-200LR
White and Great
Oceanic Airways



 Thanks logo looks lovely...thanks once again  :)

sorry I didn't reply earlier, hadn't come on for a while

Monk Xion

Quote from: swiftus27 on March 12, 2009, 10:03:03 PM
Guys I need a new one.  A Sexxy one.  Something that will make other airlines jealous.  Please donate your art for me.  I want to represent your work as my logo and livery.  Please submit them to me and be sure to have your tag or name on the bottom right. 

The awesomest one will shine in the skies of the 30 man private game.

My airline's name is Casino Air

My airline is going to fly MD 82s. 

FYI- Casino Air was a carrier based out of Reno,NV. I think it wen BK, just want yo give you the heads up.

CEO BlueStar Group


for me....well for me...icook is taking care of it! it will be a tribute to a very good friend of mine...that once owed a company! Air Atlantis will go live again, from the ashes in the early 90's after going bkrpt as TAP withraw their help. it Was a subsidiary from Tap with a whole invesment from an Algarvian Gentleman, that brought the airline businiess to another level, but due to TAP administration problems on the days, they were forced to cancel their investment in Air Atlantis, forcing them to say bye bye to some awsome 733 they had on the way to replace the 727adv.

i will try to make it fly again, altough i wont start from FARO FAO as they did. think it would be to hard. so ill pick somewhere in Europe to do it!

icook is working on the new livery, but keeping the lines of the old Air Atlantis.
i am on a task here, trying to recreate an historic company in portugal, so please dont bust me....and any type of advise is more than welcome!!!

good luck to everyone.

Carlos Carlos


How do you go about getting these images and editing them?


Quote from: Williamsfilms on April 13, 2009, 11:55:27 PM
How do you go about getting these images and editing them?

I would encourage you to search the forums, there are multiple threads on where to get livery templates and how to edit them.



Ok so I found a template on this site:, now Im using gimp to edit it, however every time I go to change the color it comes out in a dark gray instead of the color I intended. How do I go about fixing this?


So carloscarlos... your Air Atlantis livery!!

Hope you like it!


[attachment deleted by admin]


iCook, if it is possible can you make me a livery? I would like it to be Florida Air, with this picture on the tail:

As well as a Black and Yellow pattern on the hull.


hi Williamsfilms...

What aircraft type would you like?


Quote from: iCookAirways on April 15, 2009, 08:46:23 AM
hi Williamsfilms...

What aircraft type would you like?

An Airbus A310 would be nice. Thank you!


what a surprise icook....tkx...looks awsome!!


Hi Everyone,

How do i go about making my own logo and livery, it said in the guidlines its possible to design and upload but i have no idea how to do it.

Unless someone would like to help me ::)

Thanks and looking forward to a reply


to NicholasB,
I'd like to help you... :)

Want to do it yourself (painting)?
Or would you like me to do it?

Any question... ask!! ;)