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Started by cashacasha, September 05, 2008, 03:41:06 AM


Quote from: broadbander on September 01, 2011, 10:48:29 AM
Thrinhity Airways:

Hey man, So for the livery for my airline, can you re-do the same livery just on the A320 instead? Thanks!


Wondering if someone could make me a livery similar to the "flying 101" scheme but in red with OSCAIR on the tail. On either B737 or A320



Quote from: OscarSMC on September 14, 2011, 07:39:52 AM
Wondering if someone could make me a livery similar to the "flying 101" scheme but in red with OSCAIR on the tail. On either B737 or A320


Flying 101 in red on a 737.


Awesome thanks a million


  Hi, I am interested in a new livery for my airline, PSW Airways. I currently use a colour scheme with black on the top half and tail and white lower half with a black white checker board divider at window hight and red PSW on the tail with red accents.
I am looking for something simmilar but with black on top again, red middle( checkerboard ), and yellow lower and engines. I would like the body to remain very similar but play with the tail as much as you want.
If this could be done on a Viscount, DC-3, or DC-6 that would be awesome.
Thank you in advance


Hello all,
In preparation for the next JA, I'm hoping that one of you talented livery makers could design one for my next airline, Mercury Transcontinental, and put it on a B707 or a DC8.  The base should be white, with teal, green and black stripes/accents. The airline name should go on the top of the fuselage over the forward hatch in a black non-serif font, and the logo should go on the tail.  Otherwise, I leave the details to you.
Many, many thanks in advance.



For the next JA, I would like to have a nice retro livery. Plane could be B727, and colours something with white and red.

Name of the airline will be Alpha Australia.


Can someone create a logo for my airline Nova Air... would like the bird on the tail and some sort of line design towards the back of the aircraft... would prefer on a A319


I posted the same message to another thread but since this is the main livery thread I will go ahead and post here as well:

Airline name: Intra Planetary Ways
Logo: I do not have one but the name of my company implies I fly anywhere on the globe (i.e. inter-continental means to different continents intra-continental means inside one continent. intra planetary means I fly anywhere as long as it is on planet earth).
Plane: Any plane you like but something not used very much and something that can be used for LH/ULH for its age will be better. Tu114, DC-8-63, 747SP, 767-200ER etc comes to mind)
Country: Not active in this game worlds, will start in the next one. Turkish registration can be ok, or any other you like.
Link to airline: Not active at the moment :(
Colors: Eurowhite with orange and purple and green maybe? Or if this sounds too much caribbean-ish you can come up with something that would go well with the intra-planetary theme. Maybe white black and dark blue with some constellations etc can be nice.
Other info: In fact the colors I just mentioned are a little unnecessary because I want a "razzle-dazzle" livery. Good example is here:

I will add a few attachments about razzle dazzle backgrounds.

Ryanair 101

Hello guys I was wondering if anyone could create a logo for me? :

Plane:747 (if not possible):767

Colours: My airlines name is Royal Italian Air so keep the word ''royal'' in mind . Maybe a crown on the tail? Italian flag colours Green, Red and White.(colours). 

While im here Could anyone also design an alliance logo? name : Global Alliance . colours:Yellow and red.

I would be sooooooooo grateful if anyone could do those! :)

Best regards Ryanair 101.


Hi Guys,

no sure whether anyone could help on creating a logo and a livery for my Cantonese Airlines.
Color: I prefer black or dark blue.

Many thanks!


Islas Espanolas:


Quote from: broadbander on November 06, 2011, 06:43:48 PM
Islas Espanolas:
This one is very nice. Great work broadbander ;D
Tujue Airways (🇦🇿 Tujue Hava Yolları / 🇹🇷 Tujue Hava Yolları / 🇹🇲 Tujue Howa Ýollary / 🇺🇿 Tujue Havo Yoʻllari / 🇰🇿 Tujue Äwe Joldarı / 🇰🇬 Tujue Aba Joldoru)


Have had to change my airline name, so am after a Logo and Livery on a airbus A320/19 for my new airline called Emerald Air.

I would like it to be a European airline with green in the colour scheme If anyone can help.

Ryanair 101

I'm on it!I'll have it done in around four days.  ;)   (Have lots of other ones to do for simmers)

Pilot Oatmeal

Hello There,

May someone do me a logo and livery for Travel UK in the new DOTM #3... on a BAC 1-11 500... Something that would be modern in the day and age of the game would be quite nice :) I'll leave it to you what you'd like to do, as creative as you like :)

Many Thanks,



Ryanair 101

Ill do one for you Jordan ;)


Could someone design livery for me? I like one to be modern... My airline is Aero Azul Based in Cancun i would like it to be painted on a 737-800 plz thanks!

Ryanair 101

Cant do it on a 707 but 737 - 800 no prob.

Regards ryanair101