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Started by cashacasha, September 05, 2008, 03:41:06 AM



I was wondering if someone would be able to make a logo and livery for Tango Airways. The colors are bright orange, purple, and red. The airplane is a 737-700. Thanks a lot!!

Tango Airways


Well, I have similar problems like you guys, as I am not a skilled graphic guy, but I tried on my own.
This will be logo for my airline:

The short name of my airline will be Pollux.
I will work on livery when I have my first aircraft ordered, but in general the aircraft will be in the background colour, the star will go to tail and Polish Luxury Airways will go along the body in the same colour. Second option is that a top of the aircraft will be navy blue, bottom will be light blue and the name will be gold as the star.

I will not have a lot of time to spend playing so I will not spend all the days designing all graphic stuff, I just want my logo and livery to be simple and elegant. Any expert advise regarding the logo will be very welcome :-)

Could you guys tell me where I can get a paintless aircraft templates to design my livery, please ?  :)


I am not a artist, I don't have Photoshop so here is the best that i can do:

I think you might want to click the pictures to zoom in, i am quite new to image hosting
And if you are wondering, "Sabah" is Arabic (and also turkish, if i am not mistaken) for "Morning"


Can't wait for this game to start!


Was wondering if someone could do one for Air Civilization. The colours would be mainly sky blue with black and white. Would like to keep it crisp and clean.

For my tail fin please use the word CIV like this:
{I(like an arrow pointing upward) and V Colours in shades of blue please

Plane is an A319.
Thanks if u need any help just post


Is anyone out there still doing Liverys as my skills only go as far as doing Logo's

I'm after a livery on a 757-200 not bothered so much on design as long as it incorporates my logo.

Cheers in advance



Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce my new venture, JetWest.

We are based in Salt Lake City, with MD-80 service to major airports across the American West.  We will soon be
debuting commuter service with Fokker 50 turboprops as well.

I've really enjoyed the experience so far, and look forward to getting to know everyone.  Have a great end of the week!

CEO JetWest


Ok so wonder if anyone would kindly do mine? Owner/CEO of WIND (Wisconsin, International, National and Domestic) Airlines? I have an Antonov 24 and an Antonov 26.. the design I would like is based around this image I am currently using for my Logo and livery that I have attached to this post
And my company "motto" if you will is "...the Wind is the symbol of all that is free; so welcome the Wind and wisdom she offers.."- John Denver

It would be much appreciated

CEO of WIND Airlines PM "Midnight" Blum

[attachment deleted by admin]


Would anyone be up for the challenge of designing a logo for DesertBloom Air in a Boeing 737-300 livery?  Yellow over green as the colors with the following pic modified on the tail.  We are an LCC based out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International with a fleet of 5 737s and a wholly owned "Airlink" division with a few Dash 8's with flights mostly in the west coast although recently we are beginning to expand to the east coast.  Thanks, Chris 



Gosh, I just need a new logo and airplane for my airline. My current ones are unbeleivably cheap. I just can't get Microsoft Paint to work magic like iCook does. I'm HOP Airlines and I need a 767-200. Thanks if anyone can help. ;)


Oh and if anyone tries to do my airline logo or plane I need the colors in bright red, blue, and green.


First try at company livery

[attachment deleted by admin]


Can someone tell me where you are getting the blank templates for this?  I'd like to work on one of my own


Used the blank template from airline settings in the game information tab.  :)

[attachment deleted by admin]


It took me awhile to make it, but I have my livery done now.  OUCH.  My eyes and hand hurts.


I'm looking for B-707 and B-727 blank liveries -- any help would be awesome!



[attachment deleted by admin]


Hay Tango Airways, maybe you like this one?

iCook Airways

[attachment deleted by admin]


How do you make those good of ones, ICook?


 :D I did it with paint.
I'll try to make one for you too  :)
So you want a 767-200 and you are HOP Airlines?
Owk lets see what i can do...

iCook Airways


Here he is... your Boeing 767-200 !!
I hope you like it  :)

iCook Airways

[attachment deleted by admin]