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Author Topic: New idea for faster fleet transitions  (Read 413 times)

Offline Andre090904

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New idea for faster fleet transitions
« on: January 15, 2020, 10:38:35 PM »
We have heard the idea of "temporary 4th fleet type penalty removals" many times now and while at first it seems like a good idea, I think in the end it would make things too easy. It would require much less planning when it comes to fleet choice and players would not be forced anymore to make a decision which niche to serve. Do I fly mediums? Do I go long-haul? Will I fly cargo? As of now, players usually cannot fill all the demand as they have to specialize into something. This allows for more fun since different niches/strategies have to be used and one can compete with other players using these strategies/approaches. If we were to add a 4th fleet type (even temporarily with this idea) it would allow airlines to "carelessly" fly 3 fleets and to avoid any specialization/planning. Players would easily fly medium planes, longhaul planes and cargo planes at the same time which would make the game much more boring. There has to be a limitation of some sort making the game more interesting and competition more lively. The 4th fleet penalty is great for this.

Obviously it comes with side effects (transitions). So instead of touching the 4th fleet penalty we should rather see how to make transitions faster. Especially with bigger fleets, transitions are only possible with the help of other players. And here comes my proposal.

The idea that just popped up in my head is that players could determine the "final user" of an ordered plane. Lets say I ordered 50 A320 for an alliance partner. Instead of listing every single plane to this alliance partner via the used market, maybe it would be much easier/faster to declare this alliance partner as "delivery address" at the moment I am ordering the planes. So once the first aircraft gets delivered, it's not me who receives the plane, but the other airline. This avoids the used market completely (and its limits). The money for the plane would be paid by the alliance partner upon delivery to the airline who initially ordered the plane (alliance minimum price obviously or whatever the 2 airlines agreed upon). It does not need to be limited to alliances either. Just 2 airlines partnering up.

The advantages:
1. No more waste of time by listing every single plane to the other airline on the used market (many clicks)
2. Faster transitions of big fleets since the airline doing a transition receives planes directly from the manufacturer and does not need to use the used market. (so basically 1 airline "donates" the delivery slots to another airline)
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Online groundbum2

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Re: New idea for faster fleet transitions
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 12:46:06 AM »
I'd like to add that later in the game, when fleets are in the hundreds, that we be allowed to buy off the used and new market quicker than 3/week. The 3/week is reasonably when everybody's small and desperately grabbing routes, but later it just makes fleet transitions a grind.

I also before floated the idea of a broker that can push an aircraft. So airline A says they trust airline B. Then B can "push" planes to A without any intervention from A. Of course A can sever the trusted relationship at any point.



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