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Author Topic: New Stat: Aircraft Operating Cost aka Aircraft cost per block hour ~  (Read 639 times)

Offline Talentz

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I think we should include a new stat for AWS players called: Aircraft Operating Cost aka Aircraft cost per block hour.

Airlines of all sizes and operation around the world can and do calculate the cost of their aircraft by block hour, per industry standard. We should have that info as well. The data is already stored and we can somewhat get a rounded cost already (provided) you know what to look at. However, I think this very unfair to the new and even mid level AWS players  because of the Info overload AWS presents its players. It can take awhile to understand the "workings" of airline management.

So to help players get a better sense of what type aircraft or operations it costs their airline, AWS should include AOC refering this Doc:

AWS can provide much better summary of info to its players, by including and displaying AOC. Further, you can take the avg of all the companies info and display that in the world stats section as to give an idea of how their airline stacks up against others.

One of the main reason there is alot of passion™ in forum discussions about features, airline costs ect, is because the lack of tools to calculate one's airline success (or failure). We can take another big step towards addressing some of the underlying issues with features that help players understand what it is their doing and if it's successful or not.

Co-founder and Managing member of: The Star Alliance Group™ - A beta era, multi-brand alliance.

Offline sanabas

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Re: New Stat: Aircraft Operating Cost aka Aircraft cost per block hour ~
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2019, 10:54:05 PM »
I remember when trying to prove 9 seaters could be viable, before some of the changes that made them more viable, the main stat I was calculating for my routes was profit/hour, including turnaround at the other end. Yield/rpk or revenue/ask didn't matter, because they didn't directly apply to whether I turned a profit. What mattered was each plane had ~18 hours/day to fly, and needed to make $x to cover overhead, so any route that didn't bring in profit/hr higher than x/18 wasn't viable.

A route stat that simply takes profit and divides it by (total flight time + my airline's preset turnaround) is the most useful way to compare different routes for me. Better than just looking at LF, better than just looking at raw profit, and can see at a glance if say a full extra-long LH route with tech-stop is better or worse than a 70% full shorter one. Right now, I can only tell that if I make an effort to extract the data. (Just did it. Full 767 techstopping Syd-London = 4.35k/hr. 90% full direct to Johannesburg = 4.55k/hr, 100% full bumps it to 5.48k. 60% full to Shanghai = 3.25k/hr.)


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