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Early Types

Started by Freoman, April 28, 2019, 08:55:56 AM


Add a few more early types to give some interest to the early years.

- Avro York and Tudor, HP Hermes
- Canadair CL44 pax and cargo
- Versions of the Short Belfast
- Option to ugrade Cv2/3/440 to turboprop
- Hushkit for Visc 800 series

Ages since we had an interesting new type


The CL-44 is already in the pipeline, and the hushkit for the Viscount 840 is already available.


.. and data for a T-prop version of the CV-240/340/440 is already submitted.

Avro York I didn't find appealing; Tudor even less and HP Hermes could be an option. Biggest problem with these and a few other late 1940s/very early 1950s aircrafts is, I don't think we'll start at 1950 anymore. Or at least it will be a rare event in the future. So that means a 1955 start. By 1955, they are really outdated. I'd rather see more DC6 aircraft genereated at game start then split even more between aircraft who's useful years have long past by 1955.

From a practicality point of view, just not worth it.

Belfest was a cargo only aircraft. It and the L-100 I do think having them in the game would be nice. But, theirs alot more P2F conversions needed at the moment. So a data hunt is not on the horizon anytime soon.

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