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Author Topic: 7 day sched ID  (Read 605 times)

Offline groundbum2

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7 day sched ID
« on: March 29, 2019, 11:05:35 PM »
We all know creating 7 day schedules can be repetitive, so I'd like to propose that each plane, like nickname, also optionally has a 4 alphanumeric 7dayschedID, eg S001 or HH34 etc. The intent is that we can create an ID then assign the same ID to 7 aircraft to designate that these 7 aircraft are part of the same 7 day schedule (group).

Then, when a change is made to 1 of these planes, a pop up box appears that says " shall I make the same change to the other planes in this group yes/no".

Amongst changes that would propagate to the other members of the group would be, and this list is not exhaustive
1) changes to seat config
2) any route timetable changes, eg when we shuffle a route forward by 30 minutes
3) assigning a route to a plane, if the plane is in a group and there are 6 other routes unassigned with same flight number and times, assign them to the other 6 members of the group in manufacturer frame number order (ie build all 7 schedules in 1 go)
4) changes to prices
5) changes to maintenance times
6) move planes to another group (ie when we move a schedule from plane A to plane B, if A and B are in different groups and each group has 7 planes, move them all over)
7) changes to seat limits, ie max passengers 90, or to pax/freight/both box
8) scrap plane
9) cancel/extend lease
10) buy slot/close route
11) changes to the cargo slider


Offline Cornishman

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Re: 7 day sched ID
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2019, 10:58:59 PM »
Well suggested Simon.... soooo tedious repeating the same damn change on every aircraft when a pattern exists so could surely be made use of.


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