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Status of Berlin

Started by DanDan, March 18, 2019, 11:30:05 AM


Hello! Since a lot of political things are structured in very high detail, I wanted to add a bit of info on West-Berlin:

This concerns all airports within the Berlin city limits, Tempelhof and Tegel. These were only allowed to be flown to by airlines from the allied countries (FR, UK, US, [SU]) until October 1990. IRL PanAm had a big base in Tegel, flying from Berlin to Frankfurt and other German and European destinations; Lufthansa only started flights to Berlin in 1990.

This is very different to the current setup, where the airports are no different to any (West-)German airports.


Hmm... Interesting. Would need the addition of some specialized fields in the airport database tool, then, allowing to select the precise country allowed to fly in/out (instead of just "intl / no intl").