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Cargo/Potential Demand Questions

Started by rntair, March 10, 2019, 06:31:43 PM


Hello all,

My GW3 airline out of Ontario (KONT) is a bit of a mess, and I think it's time to venture into cargo as more of a steady stream of income. My current fleet types are the MD90 and 757. I have a route with ~500k kg demand, but I see this is "potential demand". "Current Demand" is at 720kg. I assume that 500k demand is the total demand to this destination from the entire Los Angeles area. If I want to fly a 757-200PF from ONT to this destination, will it fill quickly, considering it transports about 38000kg? Or will I have to attract demand from other nearby airports to fill the plane? I can't handle this added expense unless the benefits will be quick.

I'd appreciate any advice as I have NEVER operated any sort of cargo plane before.

"Check out my route map"

CEO of the Viva Group


Well the answer is already at your finger tips.

CBD-cargo moves when routes are served (or not). So, if your already flying a route, even only pax, you should see a move in cargo demand. If that route your looking at is so little demand compared to potential, then its' probably not going to return to ONT with a freighter on it.

What you should be looking for is routes which you already serve that have high cargo LF. Most likely, those routes have high demand and thus, putting a freighter can shift the HC as well, providing good, easy revenue.

If you want an idea of what cargo would look like out of ONT. Jump into GW1(you get 30min to preview before being charged), select ONT as your base and study the routes the airline based in ONT has. That should help you get a picture of how things would work flying out of ONT.


PS: make sure you BK your airline and leave the GW before your 30mins are up! ~
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