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Author Topic: New trend in the Aviation Industry: Working less  (Read 429 times)

Offline DanDan

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New trend in the Aviation Industry: Working less
« on: March 04, 2019, 10:25:57 AM »
Working less!
A dramatic change to the industries fluctuation rate is resulting in lunatic scences in HR departments.

Airline-employees switch companies more often, die sooner or retire, resulting in double as high a number of fluctuation compared to just a few weeks ago!

We met one of them, an unnamed employee, a former cabin attendent of DanDan, for an interview:

AirlineInsider: First of all: why dont you want to be named in our article?
Unnamed Employee: I worked 70 years with DanDan. Now I felt like its time for a change! But most of my colleagues are upset with me. Of course, I can understand them for feeling let down, for not being loyal to the company like them! An average employee now works a 100 years with an airline. I quit after just 70. But really, the arthritis made my life difficult. Opening the soda-cans was just too much for my fingers. I have seen the world for years and it was exciting, but it was also difficult for me, moving through the aisle with both the food-trolley and the IV-stand.
AI: Isn't that a bit selfish? Just a few weeks ago, airline employees worked an average 200 and more years with their company. Sounds more like whining to me!
UE: I should have worked for another 30 years, yes, but somehow to be honest, I felt: I want to do something crazy. So I did this "retirement" thing. I moved directly to florida from my last flight as a flight attendent. Of course it was a tough decision: just 20 more years of service, and I would have been up for a purser-position!
AI: Are you aware of the turmoil caused by this in the HR departments?
UE: Yes, I know, and I am very sorry for them. Each of them now has to recruite like... one person every three years. Sometimes they even get to the office now! I feel terribly sorry for them.

AirlineInsider is still considering the possibility that this is just a minor statistical error, because just weeks ago, in an interview with God... ehm... Sami confirmed that the "0.5% number is based on actual data".,80009.msg471715.html#msg471715
And there is very little explanation and no reports on this number just doubling! Human rights activists nonetheless are very upset with airlines still having their employees work for more than 100 years!

Offline Sami

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Re: New trend in the Aviation Industry: Working less
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2019, 10:29:34 AM »
The percentage grows when your company gets older.


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