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Aircraft Leasing - Bug or Feature?

Started by DanDan, September 24, 2018, 12:09:48 PM


Hi Sami,

Issue: I realized following oddity about aircraft leases. Now imagine there is this airline in my alliance, that I want to provide with cheap airframes. I cant possibly sell them the aircraft below minimum alliance price - thats understandable. I can also not privately post the aircraft below min alliance price - which seems logical.

Now what one COULD do, is following: post the aircraft at the recommended price to an airline. Wait a day, until the absolute minimum price dropped to ... basically nothing (i guess its about 10 or 20% of the recommended price), and then update the aircraft to be not privately listed, but therefore adjust to that new minimum price (without any private listing).
And what the target airline could do, is to lease the aircraft at what can only be decribed a bargain (the leasing rate is appx. depreciation).

Of course, its the open market, and somebody could fetch the planes. But assuming two airlines are communicating with each other... that gives a bit of a risk of them circumventing the minimum prices for alliance transactions (that is, if it is not a feature you installed for our usage in the first place).

Proposal to prevent such things and improve trading:
1) No private listing below or above the alliance limits
2) Any plane placed or updated on the market (outside of the alliance limits) does not appear instantly, but only with a random delay of 0 to X minutes

Additionally, i would recommend:
3) No alliance limits regarding purchasing for any not privately listed aircraft (maybe with a waiting time of a few hours after posting/update)
4) and would be nice if there would be a "privately list to my alliance" button as well, with the functionality of the plane being visible to all alliance members (i think this was proposed already before)


I hate it. I think it should remain as it's not a true money transfer because the lessee can not own the asset. Only lease it.