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Author Topic: More detailed fragmentation in "manage routes"  (Read 453 times)

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More detailed fragmentation in "manage routes"
« on: September 07, 2018, 09:34:38 AM »
Adapting prices and routes.

How do I adapt prices? I sort by the average load-factor and raise the prices for the routes that are having a high load factor by multiselect.
This works well, if the loadfactor is the same for each flight (there and back, since the "manage routes" combines the outbound- and inbound-flight) and for each travel-class is the same (since eco/biz/first are combined in the number) - or in regards of cargo for each cargo-segment.

On some flights though, there is no biz passengers, but the eco is sold out. 100% + 0%... makes somewhere like 90% in some cases.
Add to that, maybe the return flight is not as well sold due to e.g. late arrival time. Now the average LF for the flight is maybe shown as 80%, and there is no way to filter for the outbound eco loadfactor, meaning that adapting it by multiselect is impossible, considering one can theoretically adapt the outbound flight without the return flight, but not the return flight without the outbound one (theoretically you can do it manually, but ... its rather difficult, and considering someone has an airline with a few routes, one would spend ages doing it, especially since the adjustments need to be made constantly... its rather a lengthy process to optimize prices).

Proposed solution:
a) a possibility to divide the flights not just by "route", but also by flight number into separate sets of data. So that when sorting, one would see only the flights relevant.
b) a possibility to sort by specific LFs (for example "cargo standard loadfactor")
c) as discussed before: would be great if passengers would automatically be upgraded if the cabin class is full; same for cargo - of course at the price of the lower class.

d) in a perfect world, there should be an automatic adaption of ticket prices to adjust to a optimum LF:
(so i set a target-load-factor for a certain route and class, and the system calculates the perfect price to achieve that load-factor).
After all, I pay 320 people in my route strategies department... thats almost 2 per destination! They should be doing something for their paycheck...

Attached an example: C-class is full, one should maybe raise the price a bit - but one is not able to sort for it at all, since the general load-factor doesnt indicate this.


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