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Simulate aircraft condition deteriorating while sitting idle

Started by wilian.souza2, August 22, 2018, 01:59:21 AM


In AWS, any flying aircraft have their condition deteriorated quickly while flying, and that's why we're always requested to schedule a weekly A maintenance and monthly B maintenance to keep them in perfect condition. However, no deterioration is noticed when the aircraft is left sitting on the ground, either in storage or just waiting for a schedule, and we all know any machine will deteriorate naturally even when it's not being used. A car that is left 1 year in the garage needs to have some maintenance before it can ride again, no matter it is mandatory or not, and if it stays stored for longer, more costly will be this maintenance.

So I propose that any aircraft without schedules - stored aircraft, idle aircraft, aircraft listed for sale - will deteriorate too, at a rate much lower than if it was just flying without schedules. The graph below shows how condition will perform at different rates from the time it was left sitting on the ground in perfect condition, one is at 10%/year and the other is at 15%/year. I think something between these values is fair enough, and when implemented it can influence depreciation and maintenance costs.


My aircraft that sat on the tarmac for 8 years and got auto D-checked would be in the negative aircraft condition. Even at 10%, they would go into D check at 20% and leave at 60%, ROFL

Might as well scrap them  :laugh:

Co-founder and Managing member of: The Star Alliance Group™ - A beta era, multi-brand alliance.


No aircraft will go into negative condition with the formula I propose, because the rate of deterioration will be relative to the condition at the time it was left idle. For example, an aircraft left idle at 10% condition will end up at 4% condition after 5 years if the deterioration rate is 15%/year.

And yes... I want to make scrappings a little more profitable!  ::)


Not sure I like this as I usually leave a few aircraft idle around D check time for those long stretches.