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Open new route - option to toggle a map rather than a list

Started by Tha_Ape, July 21, 2018, 11:16:06 AM



as CBD becomes important, and will be even more in the future with the implementation for pax transportation as well, the possibility to display the pop-up for demand from a map would be very, very useful.
We need to space our flights wisely in order not to oversupply (not enough space between destinations) nor to undersupply (too much space), and the unzoomable mini-map from the airport info pop-up doesn't allow enough precision to know if we're too close or too far away, and furthermore doesn't show neighbouring airports. Selecting from a map would be much more practical.
(as for today, I have the list of airports in one tab, then various pop-ups, then a 3rd party website to check the distance between airport... a real hassle)

Alongside that feature, a graphic scale on the map (that would dynamically evolve as we zoom in and out) would be a great addition. In Km or NM.