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Allow 2 alliance members per airport (pax/cargo distinction)

Started by Andre090904, July 15, 2018, 04:23:15 AM


Hello everyone,

In current GW2 I am facing the following problem. I am currently at the "aircraft outside HQ" limit and cannot expand quickly enough even though there is still some nice demand to grab. For example, I have opened a base in BRU a couple of game years ago and was flying passenger aircraft from there. As I am focussing on cargo and because I was reaching said aircraft limit, I had to get rid of my complete passenger operations in BRU to use those "aircraft slots" for cargo aircrafts instead. In other words: There were tons of unchallenged passenger demand and there was nothing I could do about it.

Some alliance mates approached me and asked me why I won't close that base so they can open a base there and make use of that passenger demand. But that very same base is an important cargo airport for me and there is no way I would give it up. Yet it's frustrating to see all that passenger demand unused when other alliance mates are ready to expand.

So why can't we have 2 alliance airlines at the same airport/base given that 1 focusses on passengers and 1 on cargo? I see that passenger aircrafts also carry light/medium cargo, but that is not much of a big deal. Why? Cargo airlines focus on heavy cargo and because there are only a few routes that are worth flying for passenger airlines (mainly North America and a few Asian cities in the case of Brussels) while the cargo demand is much more spread even to smaller cities without any passenger demand at all. So passenger airlines and cargo airlines would barely interfere each other (even less if they are in the same alliance for obvious reasons!).

I imagine this feature to be implemented rather easily and quickly. When opening a base we should not only be able to select the size of it (which determines what aircraft size we can use), but also what type of it (passenger only, passenger + cargo, or cargo only). If I open a "cargo only" base at an airport, another alliance member would then be allowed to open a "passenger only" base at the same airport. The names are a bit misleading because obviously passenger airlines still cary light/medium cargo...but that's just a detail for now. What matters is the idea of it.

What do you guys think about that?