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Additional options for Auto Maintenance (D checks) by Age

Started by Talentz, July 14, 2018, 05:18:36 AM



In the settings section, Maintenance Settings subsection, we have the option to auto do C and D checks. Auto C checks is a no brainier, except in rare cases.

However, D checks are a totally different subject. Most players un-check auto D-Checks because of various valid reasons. That said, once you get into the 1000+ Aircraft club, auto D-checks are really not a problem because you can never have enough spare aircraft along with the fact your fleet is all owned to begin with.

The issue that arises is very old aircraft getting D-checked under the blanket coverage. Therefor, we should have more options under the auto setting to adjust at the player's choice.

So it would look something like:

QuoteAutomatically perform C check maintenance
Automatically perform D check maintenance (all)
Automatically perform D check maintenance (by age: 16yrs) <--- user selects desired age***
Automatically perform C/D checks for aircraft listed for sale
Send message of successful automatic maintenance

By adjusting the settings and allowing the option to choose an age limit at which the aircraft can go into auto D check maint, this will allow player's at the huge airline level more flexibility to watch what goes in and out of auto maint. As opposed to the basic two options we have currently which can cause mental health issues if one takes a day or two off =)

Thank you,

Co-founder and Managing member of: The Star Alliance Group™ - A beta era, multi-brand alliance.



Though I'd like to be able to do by age and/or fleet for D checks AND whether leased or owned. So for each fleet, set an age under which D checks are automatic.

                   lease  (remaining years)       owned
Airbus 320       [3 years]                        [17 years]
B767               [3 years]                        [9 years]

etc etc. Just takes some of the graft out of running a large airline. Right now I have 1100 aircraft and life is all D checks groan..