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Aircraft request: Irkut MC-21

Started by lpopa93, June 24, 2018, 12:50:50 AM


Hi sami! Do you think it's possible to include the Irkut MC-21 in the game? It's currently under flight testing, and it's planned to be introduced in 2020. It's a great alternative for the 737 and A320. It uses very efficient engines, it uses a high percentage of composite materials, it's lighter and more efficient than the A320 and 737NG.


Well, it's not as good as that... but it's a nice alternative anyways, with very short turn-around times for a plane of this category. Too bad they didn't go with the -400 variant, which would have benn a pure 757 successor.


As good as it maybe, once you apply the Sami Russian penalty to the maintenance costs and  range then wrap it up in the 'its not a Boeing' negative multiplier it will be junk in the game anyway....


I've been wondering the same thing: why is the C919 in the game, but the MC-21 isn't? Would be good to have both as alternatives to the over-ordered A320 and B737 in the game.