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Airport slots

Started by Andrej720918, October 18, 2017, 04:50:50 AM



I have issue with airport slots. First, where can I check my current slot costs of a given flight. Second, if I re-schedule a flight, and I have to by new slot, is there any way to give back the previous slot to the public pool? I do not want to pay for slot that I am not using. Or is it automatically given back to public pool?

Thanks for the help.


I can't think of anywhere where you can do individual slot costs once bought. If you go to balance sheet and Non-Current assets you'll find a total for all there.

When you close a route you are given an option to close and keep or not keep slots. If you make a minor scheduling in change in all likelihood you will use the same slots, more major you just let it expire naturally. Or reuse it on some other route. I can't recall whether you're slot is automatically moved if you have to pay for updated slot. You usually have to get a new slot if the hour changes. 0930-0950 no payment, 0930-1000 you have to pay for a new slot.

Finally, slots don't cost once bought, they are assets and are part of the value of your company. So you are not paying for them, except when you set up a route and even then they are an asset and not an actual cost in profit terms. When you loose a slot, you take a loss of the value of that slot when it expires, that's the point when they impact your profits.