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Moving schedule with added rebase

Started by Sarachiel, April 06, 2017, 05:38:28 AM



Just a simple suggestion. Could we get a possibility to "autorebase" an aircraft while moving schedule? It is a little annoying to manually rebase each aircraft while fleet changing or moving to new base. We could get the info on the list from which you choose to which aircraft the schedule should be moved about where the aircraft is currently based. The top of the list will be still occupied by aircrafts that are currently based in the base from which is the aircraft we are willing to move the schedule from. How about it?

Best regards


I'm bumping this up since I'm looking around for something similar.

Basically, active users can get an advantage by replacing aircraft in C and D checks with flying aircraft with spare aircraft.

However, trying to do this is crazy tedious, especially with many bases.  Doing this on a mobile phone is really troublesome.

Once you find an aircraft in D-check you want to move the schedule out, you would have to search for a matching aircraft with similar seating arrangements on all bases in another window/tab, then re-base the spare aircraft in another tab, before you can get back to moving the schedule of that aircraft in D-check.

I propose to make it easier:
- when clicking on move schedule, include the list of unscheduled aircraft from all bases.
- when clicking on move schedule, also display the seating configuration of each unscheduled aircraft.