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Author Topic: Hey let's play Cargo!  (Read 1893 times)

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Hey let's play Cargo!
« on: April 01, 2016, 04:13:03 PM »
Hey let's play Cargo!

Happy April 1st everybody! AirwaySim is happy to announce their first public airline simulation scenario with the new Cargo feature.

This is a public test game so everyone can join. The game is set in the 1990s and the overall running time is just about three weeks.

What's this all about?

In this mini-game you can experience first-hand the new Cargo feature. While many things are still being worked on the progress is already far enough to play it a bit in large scale.

This is still considered a beta scenario so errors, missing features, bugs and other things are to be expected. No warranty..  ;)  (= game may be paused at any time if there are bigger issues)


  • Game with the whole world and all passenger aircraft models. Standard economy settings, no random events.

  • Cargo is enabled, but cargo-only planes are not included so you will only transport Light and Standard Cargo as belly cargo with your pax flights.

  • Important: This test game IS NOT USING THE CITY BASED DEMAND MODEL. The cargo demand figures from airport to airport is generated by a new "simpleCargo" system that very easily just creates the cargo numbers based on the passenger numbers on a route, with some adjustments. The overall cargo figures are as such no way realistic. This demand model is created only for testing purposes since City Based Demand features are not completed yet. This demand model is not final and has nothing to do with the upcoming City Based Demand system, and all of the cargo demand figures will look fully different in the final system.

  • Apart from the demand model, all other cargo features are what is expected to be found in the final version. Some things are still missing but feedback is still very welcome.

  • Economics of cargo transportation may also need still adjustments. For passenger airlines the cargo revenue should be no more than about 10% of their total revenues. Feedback on cargo with different sized airlines is appreciated - however keep in mind that all the demand figures will be very different later on.

  • While this is nominally a test scenario you are welcome to play normally all the way. You are not required to send feedback to us or test anything in particular on the new features but it's always nice to hear what you think.

  • Special settings: Alliances are disabled. Bases are not limited. Press releases are disabled. Events are disabled. Achievements are disabled.

How to fly cargo?

  • Easy and mostly automatic.

  • If you use the easy start the system configures light cargo transport for you for the first routes.

  • When you create more routes, first check that the aircraft you select (from the used market) has cargo carrying capabilities. See the "Maximum cargo capacity" data. Some aircraft models are missing the cargo data.

  • Creating a seat configuration is the same as before but you can now see the potential cargo space left after all bags.

  • When opening a route you can choose the "cargo configuration" on this route. There you can choose how much (%) space of the cargo hold will be allocated to each cargo type. You can also adjust the cargo prices. Note that Heavy Cargo is disabled currently (it's only for dedicated freighters).

  • When route is scheduled the system automatically allocates and calculates the cargo space. You can see the details on route info page or at the cargo demand charts.

  • There are many financial reporting and data tools for cargo, in a similar way there are with tickets.

  • Cargo does not care about flight times (middle of the night is ok) or of many other things that passengers are picky about.

Go to the game area to play:

Please send all feedback to the game's sub-forum.


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