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Author Topic: Game World #3 is open!  (Read 802 times)

Online Sami

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Game World #3 is open!
« on: March 17, 2016, 06:01:12 PM »
The new Game World #3 is now open and ready for your new airlines!

» Join the game here

Game World #3 is one of the four main airline simulation scenarios at AirwaySim and this game runs for 35 years in the present and future era.

This scenario starts in 1995 in the Dawn of the Millennium period and then soon moves on to the Modern Times era. Game World #3 is the perfect place to run an airline where you can start right away with modern planes like B737 or A320 series.

This game world will follow the standard settings for long AirwaySim games:

  • Standard difficulty level

  • All airports, all aircraft models and all features are included.

  • Additional base airports follow the standard rules.

  • Alliances are available to be formed from the first day. The initial popularity of alliances in Game World #2 was positive, keep it up :)

  • Game's speed is 35 minutes per day.

  • Fuel prices are customized and may not follow real world history. Random world events are there to spice up your life too.

  • You can of course also earn the Achievements from this game like in all other "main" game scenarios at AirwaySim.

If it has been a while since you started at early stages in a major AirwaySim games, here are a few reminders and tips:

  • The game clock is paused for the first day and will start moving at the standard pace, 35 minutes per day, after 24 hrs.

  • The passenger demand will grow rapidly over the first months (in order not to give the first starters too much advantage). The general level of passenger demand is similar compared to AirwaySim's standard settings and the previous Game World #3 (with some small changes of course).

  • There are plenty of used aircraft available to begin with, but the used aircraft market will soon become limited and the popular aircraft types are sold/leased very quickly. Take care when picking the aircraft you plan to use. The used aircraft market will refresh several times during the first static 24 hour day.

  • And as always, be patient with the route sales figures since your Route Image grows slowly. Do not spend all your cash on planes at once, remember to leave a good reserve. It takes time to gain profits and there might be unexpected early problems..

  • Some popular airports, or other small airports, will for sure become limited on airport slots soon. This is normal and you should use larger aircraft or other airports in that case.

  • Consider joining an alliance from early stages of the game, they are great resources for improving your game play (tips and help from fellow players).

Now, click on to the Game Area and join the new game!


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