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Game World #4 open!

Started by Sami, June 13, 2015, 05:00:03 PM


The new Game World #4 scenario is now open!

This game starts in the year 1970 and the virtual airline managers can explore such aircraft types as Boeing 707 and Convair 990. The used aircraft market is still filled with cheap piston-powered props like Convair's 240/340 series or Douglas DC-6 even... New and exciting planes like the first Airbus model and Concorde are soon on their way too off the manufacturer's production lines.

Game World #4 has standard difficulty settings, all of the world's airports and aircraft models included, and a standard 30-minute game day throughout the entire 60 year time span. Total play time of this game world is about 15 months. The game clock starts to tick in 24 hours.

The overall amount of air travellers is set higher than the real history for the start of this game to cater for the larger initial player number. Fuel is still affordable too, but that might change soon... Please remember that the amount of passengers and also the airport capacity will grow over time.

Click over to the game area to join this new scenario.