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New 7-day free trial game mode

Started by Sami, October 09, 2013, 05:26:32 PM


AirwaySim offers new 7-day free trial game mode

We have updated our concept of the free trial "demo" mode and made it even better for our new users. Previously the trial was conducted in a separate game world that had very easy settings and limited features and airports. After the demo period ended each user had to start fresh with a new airline. The new concept allows users to continue playing seamlessly after the trial period and it also offers a fully featured sim experience without any cost for the 7-day period.

The separate Demo game world no longer exists but instead all new users eligible for the free trial will now join the Beginner World scenario. Users playing in the trial mode have no cost in joining this game world and they can play for free for 7 days. After this period ends their game mode switches back to normal and their account is automatically billed 1 Credit / week for the membership in this game world. If the user has no Credits available when the trial period ends his airline is closed. User is reminded before the trial period ends, both via game dashboard and also via e-mail (once).

The benefits of this change are obvious to all new players. They can seamlessly continue playing with their airline after the trial period and they have access to all features, airports and aircraft available in the regular full scenarios too. Also the Beginner World scenario has more players and competition than the previous Demo game world and it will give a better view of AirwaySim in general.

You can find the free trial game world at game area. If you are allowed to play in the trial mode the scenario is automatically marked "Free trial" and is free to join and play for a week. Free trial is still limited to a 7 days total per user. Users having already played the free trial can also join the Beginner Scenario like always but with the standard game joining/playing fees.

We hope that you enjoy the new and better trial mode!


If any new users happen to be around, I'd gladly hear some feedback on this new demo format.

- Did you like that you can continue the game without interruptions after the trial period is over? The old format was 7-day trial in separate game, and then start over with a new airline in any game world - better or not?

- Does the free trial settings (game world difficulty etc) satisfy you?


Hi there

I'm enjoying the game, and thank you for the trial period. 

I have now bought some credits.  Great value btw! 

The trial period ending warning is still active however.  I'm a tad worried I will be booted off the game as the warning suggests I will, even though there are credits in my account. 

1) I hope not!
2) In an ideal world, if you have the time, then tweaking this warning when credits are in the account to something like "after 7-day period, we will debit credits from your account" etc.   Not warning me I will no longer be able to play. 


If you have Credits available for more than 2 weeks of play time you shouldn't see any warnings.

If the free trial is still active, you will see the blue "info" box still.


Oh yikes.  I am seeing the warning that I have only 10 hours left in the Free trial - box with a light blue banner.

But I have purchased 10 credits. 

I really hope I don't lose my airline! 

If anyone can have a look at it, that would be appreciated. 

My airline is HOL Airlines in BW2.