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Stock Exchange

Started by PET, March 10, 2008, 10:22:34 AM


Hi Again,

Well the idea of letting your airline onto the stock market are properbly already put up ang comes together with the feature of buying out or take control of another company. Eventually a company coming up for banckruptcy would be good to buy up. Eventually with an auction.? Hmmm....



I believe it would be a good idea to put the airlines up for sale when an airline goes bankrupt.


There won't be an option where players can hostily take over other airlines, as that would be very unfair for the player who has been bought out if he couldn't control his airline (= play in the game) anymore - or that other player would say what he'd had to do and manage. So that would have to be sorted out somehow ...

Generally the stock exchange would be cool thing to have but it can be rather complex, and plus it's not a core feature of the airline business. As I will try to model the standard features first.

Currently when airline goes bankcrupt all their aircraft are put on sale to public markets.


I believe having some form of stock market would be a good idea - players could sell off up to 49% of their airline to other players/bank in return for cash. Not only would this enable new airlines to raise cash funds for expansion it would also enable other airlines to expand. As only 49% of the airline can be sold the player with 51% still controls the airline.

I also think it is a good idea that those airlines that are about to go bankrupt/are in a poor financial state can be 'taken over' by other airlines.