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Help AirwaySim to develop - looking for data input

Started by Sami, March 14, 2013, 05:25:27 PM


AirwaySim's passenger demand features have been under development for a longer period of time now. As you may remember we introduced the new passenger distribution systems during the last half of 2012 which itself was a major update. But there's still ongoing work on something bigger ..

If you have read the feature requests forum, a passenger demand calculation algorithm dubbed as "city based demand" has been in consideration. To move this feature forward there's now the need to ask the help of our dedicated user base.

We're asking for interested volunteers to help in this project by gathering some basic data of countries worldwide. Each country and each area of the world needs to be "populated" with certain data about that particular area's industrial, commercial and tourism levels, and this way the new calculation systems can decide where to send the virtual passengers.

There is a dedicated (private) sub-forum for this project, as well as a web-based data editor tool for easy access into the data. Proper instructions and info will be naturally also given to everyone participating.

If you are interested in helping us, for example by adding the data of your home country, please PM the administration (ie. me) and access will be given to input the data.

(initially this post is made only to forums as we wish to reach the most active members only first)


We are still looking for additional people to help with this project. One big area to complete still is Russia, so if you have local knowledge of this area please be in touch. Of course other applications are welcome too.


I'm happy to inform that the initial data collection on this project has been now finally completed. The world has been "populated" with information on each country and local area, there were nearly 16 000 map areas to set with information.

So this means that the development has nudged one step forward now on this feature.