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The Jet Age #6 is here

Started by Sami, March 10, 2012, 11:03:31 AM


The next game server, Jet Age #6, has just opened and welcomes new players.

The game world starts in the mid-1955s when old piston powered props like the DC-3 still rule the skies. The futuristic turbojet aircraft are coming over the next years and decades and will crowd the airspace. Your airline can start with such piston classics as Bristol Britannia or Convair 440, and move on to such types as Douglas DC-9 and Boeing 737 once they are introduced. The air traffic is still very small business but it is growing every year.

This game world includes also some historical prototype aircraft models. Note: EU openskies / basing does not exist in this world due to early date - you may open additional bases only in your HQ country.

The game world has 30 minute days, and also a longer time span than usual - 30 years.


 Thank you for the change in dates

Zombie Slayer

Quote from: psw231 on March 10, 2012, 06:19:23 PM
Thank you for the change in dates

30 year game, 30 minute game days. Two thumbs up from me!

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I think this time span is absolutely perfect, since in the last JA game you could just order new planes, and fly them till the end. But now you are forced to replace your fleet, and that will certainly add some interest into the game.

Also these 30 minute days are great, since for me, faster is always better.


Full, bummer. I guess I'll check back in 3 months.


A true challenge lies in two fleet changes.  Early on, jets are short ranged.   Connies are great for 1955.  707s arent out yet and the early models are good for transatlantic.   I'm thinking superconnie then dc8 for me.  Then convert again to dc8 that don't require stopovers.  This will be a fun game