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AirwaySim v.1.3 Open Beta

Started by Sami, June 29, 2011, 06:52:25 PM


Open Beta group is now full, thank you for the interest!
(members who have subscribed should stand by for the announcement to begin the testing)


The next software engine version of AirwaySim (1.3) is hopefully soon finished. After various delays (latest being the very nice summertime weather over here ....  8) ) I am hoping to push out the first release version of 1.3 engine in no later than two weeks.

As usual a small "beta" test will be required to make sure there are no huge mistakes. But this time the beta call is done in a different manner; 1.3 testing will be done with a public and open scheme.


A single test game world will be set up with the purpose of testing that all major parts work smoothly. Everyone joining this world are required to keep a sharp lookout for anything abnormal. And if possible use the game with various different browsers and computers. Do your worst to make it fail.. ;)

The game world will include a limited number of spaces (first come - first served).

Accepted members

To be able to join this world you must join the 'open beta' membergroup. To do this you must have been a member of our site at least 2 months, and you must have ordered AWS Credits at least once during your membership. After all this is testing and not casual gaming so we expect you to be somewhat familiar with the software.... Also; you must opt-in to the group from this link: (link has expired)

Everyone who is currently a member of the 'beta group' (can see the forum) is automatically allowed to join (no need to click on the link above).


Open Testing game world will, hopefully, begin latest this Sunday. Time is unconfirmed.

Everyone who has subscribed will receive an announcement to their forum PM (private msg) inbox. If you wish you may set the forum to send you an automated email everytime you get a forum PM (Profile -> Personal Message Options -> Notify by email every time you receive a personal message).

Test game world will be open for 3-6 days, as I will be conviniently on holiday during that time and you can test and mess the new game world while I am away. I should be able to monitor the situation on the road but all changes and fixes will take place when I am back home. After the vital checks and fixes are made the first full game world will launch.


Cost to join the test game world is 2 Credits (flat fee). It cannot be free due to technical aspects (system would see it as a Demo otherwise). After the test scenario has ended I will see if I can add back the 2 used credits for everyone involved (at least for everyone who are still in the game world when it ends).


Report all found bugs and issues regarding the test world normally through the Bug Reports forum. No other reports are accepted. Report them according to the instructions posted to that forum.

There are still some minor things to finish before I unleash the hounds ... But do still remember that 1.3 is minor update and doesn't boast that many major features. However it will be improved along the way with various usability tweaks, but at the moment I wish to have the basic game engine update done asap.


just a quick question that I'm sure everyone will ask, the gameworld timeframe (era) ?



The test scenario has now started and participants have received a forum PM. Please do not PM me for additional spots.

- Please read the info from PM
- Use General forum, and Bug forum, for the feedback.


So, were we getting those credits back?


Quote from: Jetsetter on July 24, 2011, 11:34:22 PM
So, were we getting those credits back?

The credits have already been returned.


Quote from: ArcherII on July 24, 2011, 11:47:42 PM
The credits have already been returned.

I can't find any +2credits in credit history, but it was a funny game and sami had not promised to pay them back, simply he will take a look after the gameworld has ended. :)


Quote from: Curse on July 25, 2011, 06:36:54 AM
I can't find any +2credits in credit history, but it was a funny game and sami had not promised to pay them back, simply he will take a look after the gameworld has ended. :)

I've received my 2 credits back pretty much after the beta closure.


The refund is not visible in history page but they were added.


I confirm, got the 2 credits back soon after beta closed.


Quote from: sami on July 25, 2011, 08:36:39 AM
The refund is not visible in history page but they were added.

Then... Thanks a lot for that. :) Not alone for the nice funny action gameworld, also for the refund.


i did get refund - thanks sami :) so no problems  :)