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Recruitment: Airline Name Officer

Started by Sami, September 10, 2010, 12:06:31 PM


AirwaySim is opening a public search for a staff position titled Airline Name Officer.

As you may know the rules of AWS forbid usage of real-world airline names/logos or other trademarks. The system uses an automatic process to check the names when airlines are formed but since no automatic filter is complete a human "moderator" is still required to check the names and process user reports on forbidden names or logos.

As an Airline Name Officer your task will be to monitor the created airlines in all active AirwaySim game worlds and make sure the new airlines comply to our rules. And also that the logos/liveries of existing airlines are also in line with the rules. To make this task easier a special webpage with direct access to all airline name data will be provided. Users will also have the ability to send a report of a potential rule violations to this Officer.

If the Officer finds airlines in violation of the rules he will have to act according to the AWS game world rules by issuing a warning and possibility to change the name, and after that close the airline if the instructions are not followed. Proper tools will be made available for this task too.

This task does not require very much time, only some minutes daily. 4Cr's / month (1x/wk) will be added to Officer's account for performing these tasks.

To apply for this position you must be at least 18 years old, have a long and active history as AirwaySim user, and ability to write/read English fluently and be otherwise trustworthy for this task. You should be also able to visit AWS website at least once every 2-3 days on average. Please send a short application via forum PM to AWS Admininistrator Sami Puro. Applications must be received before Sunday 12th Sept, 12.00 UTC.

This Officer/Moderator task can be later on expanded to cover the monitoring of other game rules but at the moment these tools are limited to Administrators.

(this announcement is only posted to forums since it is aimed only for the active users)