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Alliance Challenge - information and subscription

Started by Sami, August 02, 2010, 02:26:55 PM



I want to join this game and an alliance, is it too late?


Quote from: flygresor on August 18, 2010, 04:41:56 PM
I want to join this game and an alliance, is it too late?

The deadline was last week, sorry.


Quote from: mtnlion on August 18, 2010, 08:46:55 AM
5 credits to join.  ;) Like always.

:'( guess I'll have to drop out of ATB. :P how much will it be in total (how many credits i mean)?




Info to alliance managers & players

Some information ...

* I will send an email to all subscribed members once the world opens to notify / remind ...

* When you create the airline it will be automatically assigned to the proper alliance. If you are the manager/moderator you will also get access to control panel automatically. No need to wait 6 months, invite anyone, or anything.

* You can not leave the alliance during the game (& managers cannot remove members). Bankruptcy will not remove you from the alliance forums or as a forum moderator. If all alliance members bankrupt the forum will still remain open (forums will be closed after game is completed). If you bankrupt and join the world again your airline will be assigned into your alliance automatically. If still for some reason you are kicked out of the alliance by the system (= manager kicks you, bankruptcy removes from forum or similar), there is a bug and then please report it (there have been quite a few mods for this world).

* Please check that all of your members have joined the forums and joined the game world about 48hrs after the world has started. If some member is unable to see the game world or the forums contact me immediately (as in that case he is not assigned to the proper membergroup to see the game). Same goes of course if you are accidentially assigned into wrong alliance.

* If some members do not show up although they have confirmed and signed up (grrr!) replacements may be considered earliest some 3 days after the world has started. At the same time alliances with less than 25 members can also increase their membercount if they wish. Please understand though that this replacement window will be only available for about 3-5 days (ie. days 3-10) since adjusting the memberships requires manual work/setting changes and it not feasible to be done throughout the game world, so further replacements / additions cannot be done after the initial period.

* If a member needs to be removed from the alliance later in the game (for example not respecting alliance rules or such), it should be discussed with admin. Basically he is allowed to play in the world since he signed up etc, and he cannot play without an alliance in this world so make sure you take care of your members and avoid conflicts etc, and plan to keep all your members till the end of the world.

* This is alliance vs. alliance competition but still all standard rules of AWS apply. Keep it clean....

* When the world starts and you've joined, please go to alliance control panel and upload the logo / icon. The icon is then displayed for all new members of your alliance at the airline creation screen.

(* The alliance score may, or may not be, visible when the game world starts. If it's not there yet, don't worry, the cumulative scores are already counted in the background anyways. Details of scoring system will be posted to a manual page I will write this week.)

World opens in a couple of hours.


Thanks for you work on this Sami.

I know most of don't understand the hard work that you put in to the game. But I honestly believe this Alliance V Alliance is a very exciting development for AWS. So I am very grateful for all your efforts.

I doubt I am the only player really looking forward to this game.



I thought we were starting at 10 UTC today.  Not so?

[ATA] Sunbao

Quote from: MattDell on August 19, 2010, 09:13:04 AM
I thought we were starting at 10 UTC today.  Not so?

still 45 mins to its 10 utc ?


i managed to get some leave...and here i am! my job!



u always get me with these gmt utc time will it open in uk time?!!?



ergh...coul have stayed 4 1 more hr at work... :-[  ;D


[ATA] Sunbao

[ATA] Sunbao

Quote from: Walker on August 19, 2010, 09:53:40 AM
so in 10 minutes the game should start...? with sami not being online?

Around 10 utc yes


[ATA] Sunbao

Quote from: MattDell on August 19, 2010, 10:04:37 AM
Ok, now it's definitely 10 UTC.  No game??

Take it easy mate around 10 utc and sami is online now.



World is now open. If you don't see it there (or cannot join, or you are not assigned into an alliance), let me know.

(oh and if you get "cannot find alliance" error when inside the game world and trying to view info of an alliance, that's because the alliance does not have its manager logged in to the world yet, .. so it's only related to this nonstandard startup phase)