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Alliance Challenge - information and subscription

Started by Sami, August 02, 2010, 02:26:55 PM


As posted before AirwaySim will offer a limited private game world for our active users. This is a custom scenario that requires a subscription before the game world starts.

Basic info

The game world will be all about alliances competing against each others as a group. Each alliance can have maximum of 25 members, and minimum of 10 members is required for the alliance to be able to enter to this scenario. If at least 70 members and at least 3 alliances commit to the game world it will be set up.

Game world will consist of North America and Europe due to the overall low player number (other world areas are closed). All airports in these areas are included, as well as all aircraft models. Base airports are allowed as per standard rules (EU openskies comes into force 1.4.97). Planned scenario duration is 1996-2010, equalling about 3 months and two weeks. Credit cost of this game world is the standard weekly payment scheme as in all other worlds.

Alliances in this game world will be "fixed". When you start the airline you will be already a member of the alliance. You also cannot leave the alliance during the game world. Alliance forums will be available to all subscribed members 5-7 days before the game world starts so strategy and starting airports can be planned.

There is also a plan to implement a "airline score" system for this game world to be able to determine the "winning alliance" but this is not yet confirmed.

Estimated time when this world begins is in 10-14 days.


If you are interested in joining this game world you should contact the managing member of your alliance and let him know that you will take part in this game world.

If you are not a member of an alliance please use this thread (,22309.0.html ) to inform your willingness to join an alliance and this game world, or send a forum PM to managers of existing alliances in other game worlds. (Please do not post such requests into this thread to keep this uncluttered)

Alliance managers will then in turn provide the list of subscribed members to us and we will use this list to set up the forums, alliances and game world settings before the game world starts.

Information for alliance managers about delivering the subscription list to us

Each alliance manager must collect a list of members committed to join this game world and then reply to this thread with the list of members in that message (the message / list can be also edited later on before the scenario starts, does not have to be final right away).

This message must contain the following information in the following order (please be sure to type the data as requested, as info will be moved into the scenario settings automatically):

* Name of the alliance
* Managing member usernames (max 3)
* Members, including the managers (max. 25, min. 10)

Alliance name here
Managers: username1, username2, username3

userID1, userName1
userID2, userName2
userID3, userName3

userID = User ID number of this user, see his forum profile. For example:;u=17675    ==>  ID is 17672
userName = this user's username, in previous link that would be LostInBKK

Please type all the managers in one line, comma separated.
Please type all of the members one-per-line!

Real-life example:
The Jet Airline Alliance
Managers: sami, abcuser, userxyz

1, sami
5483, userxyz
32311, xyzuser
47123, abcuser

(If you have any additional info please post all that before this list, though don't post airline home bases or anything such.)

Please post additional comments / questions into the other thread to keep this thread uncluttered (,22309.0.html ).

Jona L.

Mega Fly Worldwide
Managers: Jona L., lilius, LostInBKK

14933, Jona L.
8954, lilius
17672, LostInBKK
25034, Jumbo Mouse
23140, JetRush
24335, GMas
4076, bierbrauerm
28625, Robster_9
40155, begla
12719, Maarten Otto
31684, Minerva
19836, 0zlw
38251, mclovin
7529, T8KE0FF
6387, mcvicarj
4405, Sunbao
16387, yuui4
28078, pattN
11168, MunMaRu
9726, Yukis
13219, hong
9950, xlightman
11416, Nick Wood
6880, Pcxc
1358, SheronH



GlobalTeam - SkyGroup will be participating with a full 25 member team.

I/We will be posting the required member details shortly.

Update: member list posted under the GlobalSky Alliance Heading.

Thanks Sami!



Managers: NorgeFly, Daveos, oggie84

19373, ChrisA330
12502, rakeish
6853, marc0o0o0o
7342, blaker1984
5324, ICEcold
28716, carrisi
29877, Quinoky
32850, cevelyn
19506, Jason777
4965, Davva9961
6792, Daveos
30244, GoGreenCEO
4663, ukatlantic
22821, infi80
36767, Gez
26759, radjed
24364, Minto Typhoon
10877, Atomico
7957, TFC1
12626, DudeMcDude
12486, coatedmoney
7933, Icelandair0416
9988, NorgeFly
30176, Curse
12129, oggie84


and now batting...

Silver Star Alliance

Managers: Seattle, Talentz, Ile

44, Ile
313, Byqu
764, Powi
819, Seattle
1002, Runner
2531, wparoubek
2616, Trickster69
2632, Nemo74
2722, Frogiton
2862, Idioteque
2865, Talentz
3245, Ban2
3637, Alien
4095, Kim
4108, Chris
4645, Kieran900
7127, Flaps20
7949, Swiftus27
11338, Ekaneti
11383, Nickhh
14028, Yb
15536, Nonkan
16115, Lurkmat
29858, Luczian
37784, losgatitospeligrosos

Here are my Alliance's 5 reserve players:

294, XiPi
1855, Burgos
24589, Walker
34690, Vpacific

Talentz 8)


i will join anyones alliance who will allow me to. just ask and i will be happy to say yes. :)


Managers: JonesyUK, Jest, Sigma

2839, JonesyUK
6993, Jest
10590, Sigma
3613, Chapelhillnews  
10854, Robio
11633, Type45
17616, SAC
7807, Toivoja
32688, Ergunp
12366, JuanchoPancho  
38031, tom14cat14
5752, Mzeeh
22409, unsaid
31616, rangingwarr
25785, michael95u
6801, highways1
31686, Snickers
9687, carloscarlos
15153, porthos81
16972, Wilkesy
5663, Kazari
25785, Michael95u
20179, Jetsgo



I think you will need to vet the various alliance lists as at least one player seems to be on two alliance teams:
11168, MunMaRu is listed on both Skynet and Mega Fly WorldWide


Jona L.

Also, I still need some change for my alliance! (MunMaRu is definetly with Mega Fly, we talked about that in various PMs! )

I must exchange
"22409, unsaid" with "9726, Yukis" (Yukis to be entered)

Thanks a lot!
Jona L.


Gentlemen, we've got a game!

Ladies too, if there are any...


Quote from: Jona L. on August 04, 2010, 02:12:35 PM
I must exchange
"22409, unsaid" with "9726, Yukis" (Yukis to be entered)

pls. edit your message/list accordingly.

Jona L.

Now its edited :)
I hope that was the final one :) (but I guess so)

Thanks, Mr. Puro :)

Jona L.


Quote from: minerva on August 04, 2010, 01:50:31 PM

I think you will need to vet the various alliance lists as at least one player seems to be on two alliance teams:
11168, MunMaRu is listed on both Skynet and Mega Fly WorldWide


There's four that are on both. Will sort it out later :)


Quote from: WesternU on August 02, 2010, 06:42:17 PM
GlobalTeam - SkyGroup will be participating with a full 25 member team.

I/We will be posting the required member details shortly.
Hey Sami,

I am just waiting on a couple more players to reconfirm their intention of participating, so if you need a partial list sooner, just let me know.  I just don't want to have to change to some of our alternates at the last second.  Sorry for the delay.

Best regards,



I'm looking to join an alliance. I run airBirmingham and would really like to be in this game.

cheers Jetsgo


Hi !

We are waiting for confirmation from some players before submitting the list.

When is your deadline Sami ?

Thx !


Get 'em during this starting week, that should be ok...

Elle gi


I'm looking to join an alliance. I run Lucair in Air travel boom and would really like to be in this game.

Elle gi


Best International Group (BIG)

Jexpress, JonnyAngel, Elvis141

31813, fauzi
39158, brendanosx
30266, btrain6888
38748, Capt Ted
35202, Reimerb
13577, aerohottie
38576, norcarolinian
34827, Elle gi
33529, Jexpress,
34719, JonnyAngel
30260, Elvis141
35744, Orion
15292, CX920
39412, Greggorr
32124, lurch3333
24589, Walker
11053, doucetj
25460, Marc103

We're still recruiting up!! PM a board member for details.


Still waiting for the definition of winners - Value? Pax? Revenue? Profit?

Also, can an alliance have more than one member at an airport?