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Wet lease of aircraft

Started by Minto Typhoon, July 11, 2010, 09:03:50 AM

Minto Typhoon

Very frequently airlines wet lease aircraft from other airlines to operate routes on their behalf.

The airline that takes the wet leased aircraft takes all the financial risk for slots, revenue, fuel, handling, marketing, etc whilst the airline that provides the aircraft provides the maintenance, staff etc.

In this way, an airline could launch a new route with a wet leased aircraft, and not worry about commonality - but pay a hefty sum to the leasing airline for the pleasure.  It could be an interesting way for a smaller airline to fly try one or two larger routes without bankrupting himself with the commonality problems, or for a large airline to have a micro fleet to fly specific routes or provide an interim solution.


Good option, indeed a frequent used option in real world. I trying to work myself up out of South Africa (nice and quite, Beginners World) and long distance would help, unfortunately I do not have funds to lease an aircraft with adequate range



wet lease is a must.
it would be great because you can get in the 2000's a tristar including a crew, you do not pay for checks just fuel/slots/other costs and the price would be per hour. that is fantastic  :laugh:

african wet lease companies: a/c condition always < 60% BUT very cheap like 3,500 US$/flighthour
eastern europe/asian wet lease companies: a/c condition always > 70% BUT normal price like 5,500 US$/flighthour
american and european: >85% BUT expensive like 8,500 US$/flighthour

i think it is possible to realize that...

Knud B

This leasing option is still desired.

Can be solved as follows:
Lease or sale: Lease only
Leasing period: 1-60 days (Typical C and D checks)
The lessor (owner) pays all expenses for staff, insurance and fuel
The lessee (user) still gets the revenue from ticket sales
Leasing price can cover costs and depreciation + 10-20%
Knud Berggreen
Altona Luftverkehr AG


how to stop lease? i dont find button. i can extend, buy aircraft. but how to get rid of it?
i remember long time ago i had to pay fine 50% of remaining leses. but i dont see it now.


There's a minimum lease time (10% of total lease length as I recall) before you can cancel the lease. Sami implemented it to avoid illegal money transfers.


Thank you!  :laugh:

and what WAS that scheme for money transfer?


The scheme was that you need cash, so you post a plane at max price to me, your friend. I lease it for 15 years at max price. I then cancel the lease as soon as the plane arrives. Voila. I immediately pay you 50% of the lease value, which typically is more than the purchase price of the plane. Instant cash infusion.