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The Jet Age #2 is now open

Started by Sami, June 27, 2010, 06:14:30 PM


For the fans of great propliners and early first generation jets .. this game world is for you. The Jet Age scenario is back with a new game world that starts in mid-1960s and allows you to manage your airline all the way to mid 1980s.

The overall worldwide air traffic level is also quite low but it is growing every year. The low traffic levels also mean that smaller number of airlines can enter this world (300 instead of regular 500+). The aircraft selection to start with is also limited with rather old prop aircraft which is realistic and normal for that era but jets and new designs should be also considered and searched when founding the new airline.

Please remember that due to the early era the multiple base/HUB feature is limited in EU area - openskies inside EU is not in force in 1960-1980s yet (and whole EU isn't actually even EU yet..) so you cannot open bases outside your home country.

For players joining this game world please note the following:

   * Some of the airports in the game database are missing their true opening date so you may see some airports in the game that would have not existed yet in 1965 - this data will be enhanced in later game worlds.

   * Also note that the startup money for airlines is quite high compared to the game year. This is to allow an easier start in this rather challenging environment.

   * The passenger numbers are quite low overall but have been increased a bit compared to reality in 1960s to allow better gameplay and more players.

   * When starting and choosing the home base airport please try not to pick an airport that has already more than 3 other airlines (due to the limited traffic levels).

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