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Author Topic: Competitive Pilot Pool of the World and Worker Pool of a country  (Read 696 times)


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Hi. This is an attempt to make the hiring process just as interesting and near as fun as getting your passengers to fly with your airline, and to turn it from something you have to do to something you want to do by introducing another dimension of play to the simulation. I'm no expert in aviation but I entertain this idea. Perhaps making the hiring process competitive between airlines, adding a set of factors that makes pilots want to fly for that airline just as there are for passengers, and I'm pretty sure salary isn't the only determining factor so a whole set of decisions would have to be made so it is dynamic, and tailored for that airline. Since this simulation is also a history game, the basis for all of this is a historical data of commercial pilot growth of the world or a country to create the pilot pool, if such data exists. The data can be visually represented in a graph or a pie for ease and for visual impact. If no data exists, perhaps interpolating a data based on air travel demand, population,etc or even any related numbers we have available in this version is a good start. All airlines will draw their pilots from this pool. And when pilots are fired, they go back to the same pool. Obviously, tweaks would have to be made so that no single airline will have most of the world's pilots but also keep it somewhat competitive so that there is no equal distribution and it is market driven. This will influence the rate at which an airline will grow over time.

Ground workers on the other hand, may be less inclined to relocate outside their own country where the base is doing the hiring and if it's a big country, then outside a region in that country. So a set of rules would have to be made for the worker pool so the pool is much more competitive between airlines based in the same country or a region in a large country than it is outside the boundaries.

This is just a general idea. Nothing is set on stone. The specifics can be worked out with what's real and what's technically possible.  If there is someone who is an aviation expert or in depth knowledge on this, feel free to share.


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Re: Competitive Pilot Pool of the World and Worker Pool of a country
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2010, 07:58:14 PM »
All I know about pilot hiring is that they DO judge it at the end of the day by salary. They obviously will not take a captain's position at the world's best airline for 20k a year.......After salary will most likely come hub location, destinations he/she will fly and finally working conditions. They are not all that worried about the airline it's self, but if they are being offered a job at both a start-up airline and an airline in the top 10 world's biggest airlines, they would obviously choose the bigger, more established one.

But really, all of the bidding war for pilots and ground crew etc will not matter as in the real world, airlines just contact the local pilot's union for, say, 5 female pilots with 5000+ hours of experience on the Airbus A3xx/Boeing B7x7 etc, in which you get a list of 25 applicants and you choose from those the ones that best fit their airline's requirements..........It will be a little hard to code though, and it will start to become more of a micromanagement game rather than a good, airline management game. :P

That's just what I know and I'm not a pilot or even in the aviation industry in RL, so don't count on what I said to be 100% accurate. If you want something more accurate, get Sami as he's a pilot i think..... :laugh:



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