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Missing airports

Started by Toblerone, September 12, 2009, 03:19:42 PM


Santiago de Cuba (SCU / MUCU) seems to be missing.

It's Cuba's second largest city and has a decent airport with a 4000m runway.




The old airport of Palmas, Brazil, is missing.

It was an airport which operated temporarily from shortly after the inauguration of the city - somewhere in 1991 - through the inauguration of the current Lysias Rodrigues Airport, in 2001.

I couldn't find detailed information about that aiport. I gathered some data with the help of Wikipedia and historical satellite images in Google Earth. According to these sources, the airport had the IATA designation as PMW and ICAO designation as SWPJ, operated "temporarily" in over 10 years and its runway was 1800 x 30 m, which was sufficient for large aircraft to operate.

Below there are 2 satellite images taken from Google Earth, showing the location of the airport with respect to the current one and the demonstration of the runway's dimensions. The airport coordinates were taken by myself with Google Earth and is of the point at the center of the runway:


I just noticed that some of the bigger airports in Iraq are missing. Excluding the one's that have been off-and-on closed due to conflict, the following airports were/are open at least in some of the latter stages of the game:

Erbil International:
Nasiriyah Airport:
Sulaimaniyah International:
Al Najaf International:


A few more in the Horn of Africa countries might be worth adding. They're all serviced by the major East Africa airlines, and most opened in the 2000s or 2010s.

Juba International:

Bender Qasim International:

Hargeisa Egal:


maybe something to think about:      has absolutely no demand. what is the point of creating an airport without demand?      -mostly- replaces PSY in 86; is missing


Some significant airports in the Philippines missing from the database (mostly small but active airports):

Tablas Airport (RPVU / BH)
Ormoc Airport (RPVO / OMC)
Cauayan Airport (RPUY / CYZ)
Calbayog Airport (RPVC / CYP)
Cuyo Airport (RPLO / CYU)
Balesin Airport (RPLE / BSI)
El Nido Airport (RPEN / ENI)

In addition, it would be nice to update data on Caticlan Airport (RPVE / MPH)

Also, Laguindingan Airport (RPMY) became the main airport serving Cagayan de Oro City starting June 2013. It inherited the IATA code CGY from Lumbia Airport (RPML), the one currently in the AWS DB (Lumbia is now a military facility).


not really a missing airport but:

MDE was only opened in 1985. before that, EOH was the airport serving Medellin. EOH was closed between 1985 and 1990 and is since only open to domestic traffic. Maybe something to reflect better for new gameworlds :)


Worcester, MA

Has had airline service since the 1940s.


As aviation in Ukraine revives and airports enjoy 20%-50% annual increase in pax numbers, some of the airports have become active after a long pause again with local and international traffic:

KHE, UKOH, Kherson (~150k pax 2018)
CWC, UKLN, Chernivtsi (80k pax 2018)
VIN, UKWW, Vinnytsia (60k pax 2018)
RWN, UKLR, Rivne (10k pax 2018)
NLV, UKON, Mykolaiv (est 50k pax 2019)

Also a cargo-only airport, home to Mriya An-225 and Ruslan An-124
GML, UKKM, Hostomel

Also, Dnipropetrovsk has been renamed to Dnipro - the city, as well as the airport
DNK, UKDD, Dnipro
IEV, UKKK, Kyiv-Zhuliany has been named Igor Sikorsky International Airport

Figures wise Ukraine shows similar stats as Turkey with a 15-year lag, however, growth seems to be steeper as less regulation allows more LCCs in.


Quote from: qunow on August 20, 2017, 06:33:27 PM
Merrill C. Meigs Field
Opening: 1948
Closed: 2003
Runway: 1189m
Note: Although the airfield was mainly used for general aviation purposes but there are handful of airlines served the airport with small turboprops
for a fun history lesson from over 25 years ago (realizing that may be older than some of the current players)

Meig's certainly had scheduled pax prop plane service to Springfield IL (politician shuttle) and St. Louis.  See about 7:35 on the video link below and you will see a TWA Express and Air Wisconsin pax plane.  More importantly, the video is a compilation of news stories showing one of the first 727-100s flown by United landing at Meig's circa 1992/1993.  It's pretty cool as plane had to fight a cross wind to land on a runway that was too small for boeing jets.  From Meigs it was taken by barge and this is the 727 that is now hanging inside the Science and Industry Museum that you can walk through.   They don't discuss in the news story, but my understanding is they stripped out just about everything they could from the interior to make the plane lighter and improve the chances of it landing safely at Meig's

Meig's itself is now a park on what's called Northerly Island.  It's next to the planetarium and seeing the planes take off was always a bonus  going over there. It has a small rock concert venue now.  The terminal building and tower are still there (or were a few years ago).  Meig's itself was closed suddenly in 2003 when our old mayor decided he wanted to make it a park...he ordered bulldozers in to gouge out chunks of runway overnight with the pretense it was about safety in a post 9-11 world.  there were 16 planes stranded there and they eventually let them take off from the taxiway ;)

Video of 28 year old United 727-100 landing From YouTube:

from the tribune galleries scroll down to see the destruction of the airport vs today...if Chicago had gotten the 2016 Olympics, they would have built stadium seating for the Yachting events on the east side and the boats would have then come close to the shore as part of the course

(ps apologies to take over the missing airport thread with a history lesson, but history of Meig's is fascinating, including it's overnight demise)


Excuse me, but how about these airports?

  • Singapore Kallang Airport (ceased operations in 1955 - this means it'll be listed only for 5 years if a GW starts in 1950)
  • Browning Pass, Antarctica
  • Enigma Lake, Antarctica
  • Williams Field, Antarctica

-Emily (age 14 5/6)


Quote from: EmilyHampstead on January 12, 2019, 05:44:01 AM
Excuse me, but how about these airports?

  • Singapore Kallang Airport (ceased operations in 1955 - this means it'll be listed only for 5 years if a GW starts in 1950)
  • Browning Pass, Antarctica
  • Enigma Lake, Antarctica
  • Williams Field, Antarctica

-Emily (age 14 5/6)

1) Don't remember, but it's probably the starting airport in Singapore for GWs starting in 1950 (but only one GW ever started in 1950 so far, current GW#2)
2, 3, 4) only airport with regular commercial service are listed in the game. And even with this, there are some pretty useless airports, due to how AWS distributes demand.


-Airport Sant Helena FHSH is Missing. Allowed Aircraft types should be E190, E190 E2, Avro RJ and F70/F100. Or maybe all Medium Aircraft. Large Planes are not working because of wind shares.

5fth freedome is requested for Windhoek=>St. Helena.

ICAO-code                           FHSH
IATA-code                           HLE
Passengers (2018)               number unknown, 2 flights/Week with e190 from Johannesburg via Windhoek. 1flight/week=>Ascension
-international ()         
Opened                              03. Mai 2017, first commercial flight. Official opening May or June 2016.                               
Closed                               02.-05.10.18. The operator declared insolvency. After 05.10.18. opened again
Runways                        1950 x 45 m


To add the missing airports please refer to the new Airport Data Collection project.,590.0.html