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CSV - XLS download

Started by slannoy, July 29, 2009, 02:58:38 PM


Some of us use excel to analyse the activity of the airlines. Would it be possible to download the data from most of the table (if not all)?
- Our aircrafts data
- Our routes data
- Airlines Statistic
- Airport data
- Passenger on a route
- Aircraft specs (today we can only compare on aircraft to another)


When talking about aircraft specs or routes demands or airport infos... such data won't be available as that would mean the source data from the game can be copied and used elsewhere very easily. So those won't be made available at all.

If export feature would be added, it will be limited to your company financial data (aircraft / routes info/financials).


Aircraft spec and route demand was maybe to much requested. But airlines results only would be fine anyway.


gotta look in next versions. What info you'd need exactly and how it should be formatted?


I would love to get the entire scheduling page into excel. Then I could simply simulate other combinations without having to implement them. Currently, it is quite some work to do the basic input manually.



Routes data (Departure time, Arrival time, cost, Sold tickets, profit, Aircraft Type, Aircraft registration)



I see this is where the export was discussed, would you like me to put together some text files showing what data to export?

Perhaps we can run it past some interested people for their comment.

Best Regards


I would be glad to have this information on hand even if it was just my airline. It would allow easier long term planning.


Has there been any movement on this? Scheduling page to csv format downloadable?


I think a better question would be what do you hope to accomplish with this data?  Dumping a bunch of data is useless if it isn't the right data.  For example, long term planning and simulating other schedules IMO would be useless since flight times vary depending on whether you are flying north/south or east/west, not to mention time zone differences.

I think all of us more advanced/serious players use a spreadsheet of some sort to stay organized, so the question would be what do you hope to accomplish with this data?


I am looking for an easy way to export the routes page. Mainly for my use to see dept. times and assist me with 7 day scheduling.


Quote from: [ATA] b757capt on July 27, 2014, 04:12:07 PM
I am looking for an easy way to export the routes page. Mainly for my use to see dept. times and assist me with 7 day scheduling.

This is my use case as well.

As an alternative, could the existing route management page add a day marker for long flights where appropriate? This is done with the timetable and route planning pages, with the use of the asterisk next to an arrival time, but it would be useful for a clear view of a flight that crosses one or more day boundaries in route management. This can be as simple as appending "+1" or "+2" to the return time to the base.


I'd like to be able to export all my aircraft data into excel.. Lease Exp date, Age, next C check due, Next D check due ect


yes please

route & aircraft data to an excel sheet (or numbers) is a must
Swiss quality all over the world


I'd love a csv-file of the routes. basically the data shown in the "Manage Routes" dialogue is fine. It would be great to add the distance and the prices, too.

This would really make a terrific impact on those who want to manage the airline professionally! I strongly support it as one of the "simple" / non-gameplay features that would have the biggest impact.


A csv download of the Route timetables for your own airline, in UTC time would be great.

Then I can make an excel list that shows where my planes are right now. This would increase the interactive gameplay a lot.  ;D


I'd love to be able to download "My aircraft" and "my routes" to excel. The download would ideally have all the tabs in one download, so for aircraft it would have the financial, technical and maintenance tab for each plane, one excel row per aircraft.

Probably other downloads if I thought about it, perhaps "all airlines" to see everybodies financials etc.

Cheers ! Simon and thanks for the great game


I just wanted to bump this one - specifically for an export to CSV/XLS of the "My Aircraft" page.

Even more specifically, here's exactly what I track in my spreadsheet:
Type,Base,Registration,Nickname,Lease/Own,Purchase Price,Lease Cost,Lease Expiration,Variant,Fuel Burn,Seat Config,C Check Date,D Check Date,Range,A Check Cost,B Check Cost,C Check Cost,D Check Cost

A sample record is:
737-900ER,MAA,VT-NNB,Lease,MAA73EJ1,$0.00,$429,700.00,20-Feb-25,+10.8 SSW,5578,Y168C10,31-Aug-24,21-Jun-25,3240,$13,980.00,$40,610.00,$825,440.00,$4,565,500.00

It is a lot of information, but it helps me:
1) Make informed choices in the UM by comparing the cost of a given unit on the UM with my average fleet cost (weighing cost vs maintenance expense vs fuel expense).
2) Reduce wasteful spending on aircraft re-configurations by matching existing aircraft with the correct config with 7-day schedules that need that config.
3) Identify bunched up C-Checks or D-Checks on the same type, especially early in the game or with small sub-fleets.
4) Plan for lease replacements in advance by knowing how many units of what type I'll need in a given month.
5) Plan for owned plane replacements based on when a second or third D-Check is coming.

Of course getting route information, revenue/profit and other stuff could be cool, but this is what I use now and would love to have the ability to pull this data rather than the current process of copy/paste and type that is really time consuming.  Thanks!


So 11 years later and this still hasn't happened?

I'd very much like to see this as well.  This is a fun game but time consuming and things that can help make the time crunch a little easier would be nice.  If there isn't going to be an option to export data, I'd very much like to see some more sorting viewing options in the game.

Personally, I want to be able to monitor planes age, D check, lease and use that info to determine when I order a new plane to replace it and or schedule D checks for planes I own and may be keeping.  It is difficult to do that now. 

Ideally I'd like to be able to export the data from the my aircraft page.  Right now I can copy and paste in excel, but that's a lot of pages to deal with and it isn't quite formatted to make it a simple copy and paste.  And then there's the keeping it up to date..

If it instead was added to the game, I'd like to be able to see the my aircraft page no longer have sections for each type of aircraft, but a new column.  Or at the very least be able to view all aircraft and not group by the type - so I could in 1 view see the D checks coming up on every plane I have, rather then having to scroll through pages upon pages finding the few that might be needed this year.  This goes for all 3 types of views on those pages (financial, maintenance and technical).  I'd be fine with an export as well, but having not played in a number of years, I'm surprised that there isn't more improvement on viewing the various data necessary, whether it be via export or within the interface itself.


Quote from: Sami on July 30, 2009, 09:54:24 AM
gotta look in next versions. What info you'd need exactly and how it should be formatted?

It sounds like you were looking into this 11 years ago?  What happened?  If you need input on what would be helpful, I'd be happy to give examples.