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Author Topic: AirwaySim development update  (Read 3320 times)

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AirwaySim development update
« on: November 30, 2021, 10:08:03 AM »
AirwaySim development update

Hi folks! It's been a while since new major features have been added to AirwaySim so it's now a good time to share some status updates.

The last year has been exceptional in the personal life, and focus has been in maintaining the current game worlds and the game world rotation as planned, and to hold the high service standards of AirwaySim, thus leaving less time into new developments. Things are hopefully looking better now, and more time will be available for updating and developing the simulation forward.

Focus for updates during 2021 has been solely in two large projects which do not yield results just yet, but are part of the longer-term grand plan of AirwaySim:

The first is the change to a completely new technical framework of the entire simulation and whole website. This is a total update of all technical matters and everything behind the scenes, and is needed to keep us here in the future too since our current background systems are getting a bit old. For you dear users the update will be visible as a new and updated website, and with a more mobile-compatible layout. Doesn't sound much, but it's a major effort actually ;) The new framework/website will be fully compatible with small cellphone screens, but moving the entire game interface to this system will take time, and the update will be processed in smaller increments. Details, previews and live testing opportunity of this will be presented a bit later. Our UI designer has already completed her work, and implementation is well underway.

The mobile update will also involve a big technical update to the backend of the simulation itself, internally dubbed as AirwaySim 2.0, which includes a nearly total rewrite of the entire code to bring it to the 2020s. As you may know AirwaySim started life already in 2006 and some parts of the code in use today, while not totally original from the beginnings, are quite old and not so well structured - making the updates and management more time consuming. With the big backend framework update, it's natural to update the code of the simulation too to match the new structure and standards. Initially the plan is to implement the current features into the new structure, and then expand with additional updates like the updated seat configuration/services and demand models. Stay tuned :)

Upcoming game worlds at AirwaySim
  • The Modern Times: 2003 to 2035, a medium-length game, duration 8 months. Opens near Christmas after the current MT game ends.

  • The Speed World: 1995 to 2025, a fast-paced game with special rules (no geopolitical restrictions), duration 5 months. Opens after the current Speed World ends, in late January or early February.

  • Beginner's World: 2015 to 2024, the easy scenario, starting once every month, duration 2 months. Starts usually during the first week of every month.

  • The next epic-length game world will start after one of the current ones ends, since there are always three consecutive games of this theme ongoing.


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