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Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Fuel
« Last post by Talentz on Yesterday at 11:30:05 PM »
Oh.. went through that fuel spike straight up with no hedges or fuel contracts... Should probably log in more often ;)

Game talk - Game World #4 / Re: Britannias - too small?
« Last post by Tulip Air CEO on Yesterday at 10:53:23 PM »
On intercontinetal flights with demand above 250 or 300pax.
Bug reports / Re: Different distances shown for the same route
« Last post by Tha_Ape on Yesterday at 10:06:24 PM »
That's vtbs vs vtbd....

 :-[ :-[ :-[
... Sorry ...
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Fuel
« Last post by Tha_Ape on Yesterday at 10:05:20 PM »
What aircraft are you guys flying?

Been talking about harsh geography. USA isn't exactly that.
My 737 on 7-day schedule usually run 13 to 15 flights per week - not exactly a lot. Not sure what my average MH route length is, but probably around 1400nm. Just to give a hint ;)
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Fuel
« Last post by Zobelle on Yesterday at 09:04:46 PM »
Good luck.
I had to sell mine at severe “loss” just to get them out.
Prices are up for further negotiations.
Resulting fleet restructuring, DenAir is offering its final 4 Antonov Aircraft to be bought below market value or to be bought.
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Fuel
« Last post by martin86 on Yesterday at 07:43:52 PM »
I hope the fuel prices will go back to a normal level soon. My airline is now 20 years old and was quite profitable up to now but now i had to take out a loan of 60 Million EUR because I am making massiv losses at the moment... :( So if anyone wants to help me out - i could sell some old F100 oder some newer D328-Jets if you are interested? I would really need the money guys ;)
Announcements - Game World #4 / Brand new 747-100 for sale!
« Last post by Sir Arix on Yesterday at 07:40:34 PM »
Want to have the largest plane on the planet in your fleet.
Head up to the used market and get you a brand new 747-100.
More coming soon
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Fuel
« Last post by schro on Yesterday at 07:15:55 PM »
I agree, I have been playing actively for 3/4 years and I can’t ever remember being hammered this badly by fuel pricing. My average load factors are in the low 80’s, ticket pricing is a sign high I can legitimately go and I am running at a loss. (Now I have said all that I am sure my competition will squeeze me harder 😂)
I have never bankrupted and generally been in the top 20 odd players but this is a real struggle.

On it...

This is not an outrageous fuel squeeze, however, it has been a very rich game world. Airlines that should have bankrupted in the first few squeezes did not thanks to piles of cash mounted due to the 1950s start. That leads to high competition across the board - it's been a bloodbath to fly intra Europe for decades, and it's not normal for that level of competition to exist for that long...
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Fuel
« Last post by stealy on Yesterday at 07:15:01 PM »
What aircraft are you guys flying?

I seem to be doing fine (although profit has been down around 35% from pre-spike) and I am flying 737, 767, and Fokker 70/100s. Fuel expense is just a little less than 30% of my revenue right now during fuel spike.

I for sure don't have experience in prior gameworlds as this is my first long gameworld, so I don't know if the fuel spike in GW2 now is normal or not. I am seeing a lot of experienced players going in the red...  ???

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