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Title: Schedule of next game worlds
Post by: Sami on March 29, 2010, 07:58:52 PM
As you may have noticed a couple of the "full and long" game worlds at AirwaySim are coming to an end shortly. We have already received some questions about the starting days of next game worlds so here is some collective and public information also.

If you have read our past news you've seen that work is in progress for the updated game engine with version number 1.2. This work is still in progress and once complete a short beta test period is also needed as many of the core features have changed.

The next full game worlds will start as soon as possible and after the v.1.2 game engine is completed and live. There is no exact time frame for this yet but we're talking of weeks rather than months. Once the exact dates of next game worlds are available they will be posted here.

Main new features of the v.1.2 game engine include multiple bases (HUBs), updates to country system and updates to aircraft performance system. More information and previews can be found from our Forum's Announcements subsection.