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Title: Feta Airways fined by administration
Post by: Sami on February 14, 2012, 11:09:39 AM
Game administration has issued an official warning and a fine to Feta Airways.

Warning is due to misuse of airport slots, in violation of the game rules:

Airline is question has created 67 routes from LAX airport to only a couple (2-3) of destinations (that have demands <500 pax/day), with most of the flights departing at the exactly same minute/hour. None of the routes are actually scheduled, since a) the airline does not have aircraft for this, b) it would be impossible of course to schedule 60+ routes that depart during the same time window, c) oversupply rules would be broken.

As you can see from the accompanying screenshot (only a small part) this is clearly a practise of hogging slots for future use, and the airline has no intention whatsoever to use these slots on these actual routes.

Administration has closed all of these offending routes. Also a fine of $100m has been issued to Feta Airways. A warning has been issued to the player, repetitive offense will lead to a ban.

This information is posted to public as a reminder of the rules. (also in the future rule violations will be publicized)