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Game talk - The Age of Flight / Re: 0% interest - bug or new thing?
« Last post by spiff23 on Today at 02:23:44 PM »
General forum / Re: An Idea.
« Last post by Samuel M. on Today at 12:48:48 PM »
Having flying contracts in the game would make it much more fun, especially at later states where it sometimes get a bit routine. I would love a bidding system - customer publishes its demands (route, date, allowed timings, minimal required seating comfort) and airlines would then bid for the contract. The main factor would most likely be a price, but perhaps there could be some extra points for better comfort, timing, etc. Various contracts would have various requirements, just like in real life. Contract could be for a regular service (e.g. PSO for islands which have no commercial service), or an one-off service. Conditions could be different for various airline types, for example, government contract may request flight to take place in a very specific time window, while travel agency taking their customers to Mallorca would be ok with any odd timing. I think it could be quite fun :)

Shifting demand to another day, if there is no flight (by any airline) on that specific day would also help a lot.
Announcements / Re: AirwaySim Changelog
« Last post by Sami on Today at 10:28:25 AM »
Saab 2000 performance data update

With the new aircraft performance system we're updating the aircraft database bit-by-bit with updated performance information. Data in the new performance model is based on actual flight manuals or other similar accurate & verifiable data.

  • Saab 2000 flight model data updated (all models):
    • Climb/descent performance and all fuel usage values updated (AirwaySim Performance Model v.2).
    • Cruise speed changed to M.62.
    • Runway requirements updated.
    • Payload/Range data updated (only minor changes).
These changes are effective only in all new game worlds launched after today.

This thread is locked and is reserved for announcements only. Please make all comments to the General forums:,60273.0.html
Game talk - The Jet Age / Re: Chapter 2
« Last post by KestrelAIH on Today at 08:41:29 AM »
Thanks - I must have looked at that page 5 times but missed that nugget!
Feature requests / Re: A380F?
« Last post by Talentz on Today at 08:24:52 AM »
The new Combi boom in aviation starting 2020!

Doubt it, but we need hopes and dreams in these interesting times ~

Feature requests / Re: A380F?
« Last post by DanDan on Today at 07:33:32 AM »

thats not a freighter. except if you want to put a cargo-container or pallet through a passenger door. taking the seats out of a plane and putting some harnesses into a plane doesnt make it a freighter - and if, then please at least double the turnaround times for that plane!  :laugh:
Game talk - The Age of Flight / Re: 0% interest - bug or new thing?
« Last post by sanabas on Today at 05:24:37 AM »
Changelog from March 22 says
Changed the minimum paid cash interest rate to 0.0% instead of 0.05%.

It's still loan interest rate minus 7, and capped at 3%, just the floor changed.
Game talk - The Age of Flight / 0% interest - bug or new thing?
« Last post by spiff23 on Today at 04:32:12 AM »
I've been noticing quite a few periods where cash balance interest is 0% in 1974/1975.  I don't think I have ever seen this in AWS...except maybe in the 2010s and even then there's some token amount.  Is this a new thing?  Seems very odd for 1970s which is a super high inflation/interest hence if anyone knows if this is a new game change or something is wrong and worth a bug report?
General forum / Re: Route Image for Cargo
« Last post by CraigAbz on Yesterday at 11:09:03 PM »
thanks Gazz.  Still well in the red on my freight routes just now, but there is hope then! 
General forum / Re: Route Image for Cargo
« Last post by gazzz0x2z on Yesterday at 08:31:29 PM »
Here is a view of my TU-204-100C route between Haneda & Tel Aviv, in the Asian Challenge, at the exact timing it did reach 100 RI. As you can see, route image is extremely profitable...once it's at the maximum.
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