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Announcements - Game World #3 / Orchid Silk Airways 200th route
« Last post by LUISCRUZ on Today at 01:17:18 AM »
Orchid Silk Airways is celebrating the take off of our 200th route, out of our second base Xiamen Gaoqui.

Only 1 year after we started our operation, we are already operating a fleet of over 30 737 aircraft.
Based on a operating model A to B, with a single fleet type, OSA has been maximizing the resources of our airline passing the savings to our costumer with incredible low-fares.

Sami mentioned it in some other thread but didn't shout it ;) Was mentioned in a recent changelog post as well.

Calculation of too small fired because the average max seating of the whole fleet group (on which is based the "too small") was highly twisted down by the combis.
Same happened with the 733 (that had "too small" in 83 on a 2000nm route with 200 demand :laugh:). Forced Sami to finally investigate and uncover this.

So in the end, the DC-8 was very vulnerable to this problem because of the so many combi variant there are in the fleet group. Combis are no more included in the average fleet group max seating.
Bug reports / year end tax ignored tax credit used (GW2 1985)
« Last post by spiff23 on Today at 12:24:09 AM »
I started 1985 with a tax credit of about $950 million that was noted in the losses from previous years with my 1st week of 1985 profit.  During Q1 and Q2, I paid no taxes as the profits I was making reduced the tax credit available each week until it was gone at the start of Q3.   In Q3 and Q4 I paid taxes on the profits as expected when the tax credit was gone.   Along the way I sold old airplanes for a loss which gave additional tax loss credits, especially in December when I cleaned out another batch of stored planes.

when the game year rolled over into 1986, I was hit with a $287M tax payment on a weekly profit of $81M.   If I divide $287 by 30% (US tax rate) this effectively = the $950 million tax credit that I in effect a double taxation.  I'm happy to send you the full screen shots of my Q income statement as I have them on 2 powerpoint slides. 

logically, there is a bug either on the front end  (i.e., giving me the tax credit for the past loss and deducting profits from it) or the back end...doing a YE calculation that ignores the tax credit and payments toward it.  I'd reasonably argue it is this 2nd point and I'm owed a refund of the $287M less whatever the normal payment would have been for week 52 profit).

I've attached a screen shot of the Quarterly view of my profit/tax section.  You can see Q2 no tax was paid because of the tax credit.  Q3 is the 30% you would expect.  Q4 is then taxed at a rate of 72%  as the tax credits from losses and selling planes at a loss was ignored.
Has there been an unannounced change made to this? I'm not seeing too small warnings for DC8s anymore in GW2 (though, the 707 has them now).
Announcements - Game World #2 / 3yr Old Dash 7s w/ Fresh C Checks
« Last post by AlanH on Yesterday at 11:25:35 PM »
For Sale or Lease

GNR Airways has 25 Dash 7s coming out of fresh C Checks.
They are fitted with 48 Standard Y Seats for passenger comfort and an extended range of 730 nm.

These aircraft are no longer in production, why wait 20+ years for the Viking Air knockoffs when you can get like new Original Dash 7s built by de Havilland Canada now?

These will be posted to the UM as they come out of maintenance at the minimum allowed price. Contact GNR Airways for private listings, bulk orders and alliance pricing.
General forum / Re: Big tax bill in week 1?
« Last post by schro on Yesterday at 11:25:21 PM »
Looks tiggered to me.
General forum / Big tax bill in week 1?
« Last post by spiff23 on Yesterday at 10:47:12 PM »
Before I fill out a bug report, would there be any logical explanation for a nearly $300M tax hit in week 1?

My suspicion is I had almost a $1b tax credit for the year that completed (1985).  This was used up by June and then I started paying the tax man again.   I can't remember the exact amount, but it's in the ball park of what I just essence paying the tax twice... i.e., whittling down the tax credit from profits each month until it was gone...and then the game just re-charging me as if I hadn't had a tax credit.

anyone else experience this or have a semi-logical explanation?
Game talk - Game World #3 / Re: Antonov 148T missing
« Last post by Sami on Yesterday at 10:10:11 PM »
Launched in 2015.

In real life the first example flew in mid-2015.
Game talk - Game World #3 / Re: Antonov 148T missing
« Last post by jezbanks on Yesterday at 09:39:01 PM »
oops sorry if I am duplicating
Game talk - Game World #3 / Re: Antonov 148T missing
« Last post by schro on Yesterday at 09:27:58 PM »
I think I remember this same thread opened after the plane was originally added. It appears a bit later if I recall correctly, but I'm sure gazz can tell us more...
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