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Bug reports / Re: The following slot times have been removed BUG
« Last post by schro on Today at 12:18:49 PM »
It's probably more of a "feature". I assume this is a flight scheduled for daily and it is at its threshold for losing the slot. The slot checker checks each individual daily flight and bases it's decision on that rather than the fact that a flight from the 7 days it was scheduled was removed.

When you are at that point, it's best to just open a tab for a route like that one, cancel the other and dump the slots then reopen it. Or just rebuy the slots after all 7 days have expired.
Bug reports / The following slot times have been removed BUG
« Last post by RuneF on Today at 12:05:18 PM »
Having 3 everyday routes on the same plane, expires, all in orange in scheduling. Edit them, buy new slots. al seems good. Then next day of "not flown" kicks in and all days are removed again.

Sky Alaska wishes to announce that we have suspended our flights from Anchorage to Honolulu. Low patronage on these flights, made this service unsustainable.

We are however, very pleased to announce our Anchorage to Bethel route will now see 5 services a day using a mix of Bombardier Q200, and Beechcraft 1900D aircraft.

Also we will now be operating a additional service to Barrow from Anchorage. This now makes 2 daily services to Barrow using our Bombardier aircraft.

Durham International Airlines specialises in cargo transport to and from the north of England. We're determined to provide terrific service to all our customers in the north of England and beyond!
General forum / Re: Czechoslovakia question
« Last post by Grytpype-Thynne on Yesterday at 12:24:11 PM »
Thanks also Arthur and schro

It all adds up to... we "think" that there is no enforced closure of bases and we're probably 95% certain of this. I'd love to hear from Sami that it is 100% correct.
Announcements - Game World #4 / Re: Goodbye, unprofitable routes!
« Last post by Zobelle on Yesterday at 12:06:30 PM »
One must also exercise patience when opening new routes and not immediately be discouraged by poor LF's. On all but the most juicy and or underserved routes you will most likely LOSE money on a route for the first 2-3mos flying it.
Announcements - Beginner's World #2 / A Grand Farewell from Air Croatia!
« Last post by IronBru200 on Yesterday at 09:18:58 AM »
A few weeks ago {in real time} I saw the advertisement of AirwaySim in the Airliner World Magazine as I am a huge aviation geek and I'm sure you are too and I thought I'd give it a try. After playing the free 7-day trial as all of you did once, I was completely hooked to the fact that you could create and manage an entire airline similar to those of today and then make them successful. I immediately bought a bunch of credits to play in the future and to further enjoy the game. I've learned a lot about this game in just a few weeks and I am looking forward to creating a new airline in another game world which will last even longer with even bigger competition. I wish all the best to all the airlines and their CEO's whom I was privileged to join in this game world and that you can create an even bigger success in another game world. And now a word from the game world perspective;

Air Croatia opened in 2021 and leased it's first 4 Airbus A318-100's from their lessors. Quickly we became the dominating airline on all routes to and from Croatia and all it's connecting cities. After that we decided that we need to purchase more aircraft for routes with less demand and so we leased used Bombardier Dash Q400's. After making those purchase's and later purchasing New Bombardier CRJ's Air Croatia struggled in the year 2022 to gain back our funds and we nearly went bankrupt! We gained major losses but we were fortunate enough to stabilize and became even stronger when we came back. Our plans to open a new base in Vienna, Austria failed as we did not have enough funds to open a Very large base, but we rather bought another 8 Bombardier CRJ's and grew even bigger. In 2024 we phased out all our other aircraft, 4 A318's and 2 Dash Q400's and we now only operate 18 Bombardier CRJ's. What a great year and an amazing experience.

Thank you for letting us Connect Croatia to the world!

Announcements - Game World #4 / Re: Goodbye, unprofitable routes!
« Last post by gazzz0x2z on Yesterday at 08:12:31 AM »

not having 3 different fleet types for 3 active planes would help, too. Your commonality costs are probably excessive right now.
Announcements - Game World #4 / Goodbye, unprofitable routes!
« Last post by EmilyHampstead on Yesterday at 07:34:50 AM »
We have removed a lot of our unprofitable routes as a way to save money. However, this does not show a sign of the airline closing, as we will continue to fly different routes at different times.
Game talk - Game World #4 / Re: B737-300
« Last post by Zobelle on December 15, 2018, 10:22:35 PM »
Iíll be leasing out 733.
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